Warriors coach Steve Kerr sounds off on Mavs bench after causing controversial Stephen Curry error

Steve Kerr reacts to the poor trick used by Dallas Mavericks Bench, which forced bad pass from Stephen Curry.

Golden State Warriors' Head Coach Steve Kerr and Star Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors' Head Coach Steve Kerr and Star Stephen Curry

During the playoffs, on-court controversies and controversial plays is what everyone looks up to. Stephen Curry had one bad pass in Game 3 against Dallas Mavericks that attracted most eyes. Steve Kerr laughs at the pity tricks and verbally fires shots at Mavs bench.

Dallas Mavericks were looking to be in a great shape until they returned back for the second half in Game 2. On the same note, Golden State Warriors did made strong comeback in the 3rd quarter and looked to cut down the 14-point lead as low as possible before entering the last quarter of regular time. During a critical moment as the Warriors were making their push in the third quarter of Game 2, Stephen Curry made an uncharacteristic turnover.

Elite star who often has pinpoint offensive awareness, threw the ball straight out of bounds towards the Dallas Mavericks bench. Curry was disguised by Mavs bench player and it caused controversial error. Upon which coach Steve Kerr reacted.

Steve Kerr reacts to Mavs’ bench distraction

Steve Kerr of Golden State Warriors
Steve Kerr of Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors marquee Stephen Curry was hot in the 3rd quarter, also made few important assists to involve whole team into the charge. The turnover came as a shock to many watching the game. With just 1:20 in the 3rd quarter they had cut a 17-point third quarter lead down to five at that point.

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Also Warriors had 15 seconds on shot clock, but Curry’s urgency to pass the ball to open teammate indicated their intentions to hit hard Mavs team with massive 3rd quarter scoring run. The incident did rattle their momentum just a bit while Mavs camp had some cheers in worst quarter performance.

But the error wasn’t as egregious as it seems given that there were not one, but two Mavs players wearing white, the same color as the Warriors’ jerseys, by the bench. Theo Pinson was even standing up with his hand raised as if he was calling for the ball. Steph and intended receiver of the pass – Andrew Wiggins shook their head with disbeliefs.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was asked about the incident on the Mavs’ bench, he was vocal that he “doesn’t mind’ it as long as it doesn’t truly interfere with the on-court action. After a “comeback win” Kerr seems to be least interested in the outside court activities. Losing one important possession, that too at important phase of the game would have been a huge issue, had it been a close match in the end.  

But It’s not the first time that the rather animated Mavs bench has drawn attention to itself. They were fined a couple of times for infractions during their previous series against Phoenix Suns too.  Mavs does not have much depth on the bench like other 3 teams in the Conference finals, but their antiques would affect close contests.

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