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“I know you fought hard, keep slaying” Warriors star Stephen Curry bids large-than-life goodbye to Dillon Brooks after Game 6

Stephen Curry shows his best sportsmanship to Dillon Brooks after almost injuring him, Warriors make a big Game 6 appearance to advance into the Western Conference Finals.

Stephen Curry and Dillon Brooks

Stephen Curry can be called the biggest star of the 2010s era for the amount of change he has brought into this league. As the newer generation slowly takes over the NBA, many players have shown Curry-like attributes in their game in terms of scoring and shooting. This season, in particular, has been an intense roller coaster ride for the player but nothing seems to be stopping him and his team from achieving their dream.

Stephen Curry

The former three-time NBA champ was a top-ranking Most Valuable Player candidate earlier on in the season before getting injured. He averaged 30 points per game for a good portion of games and helped the team secure the top ranks in the Western Conference. The Golden State Warriors finished as the three seed with Stephen during the final stretch of games and are currently making a push to win the title again.

Golden State Warriors advanced into the conference finals after Game 6 closeout

Stephen Curry and JA Morant

The Warriors put up a tough fight against the Memphis Grizzlies in this series but somehow managed to still stay on top. Earlier in the season, Gary Payton II had to be sidelined due to a fracture in his elbow. Golden State still fought through as far as Game 6 and decided to close it out. Their defense played a major part in their win this game as Kevon Looney recorded a historic 22 rebounds along with 15 from Draymond Green and 11 from Andrew Wiggins.

Klay Thompson erupted on offense finishing with 30 points, 8 rebounds along with 8 three-pointers bringing out the infamous “Game 6 Klay”. Stephen Curry had 29 points on 10 of 27 shooting from the field including 7 rebounds, and 5 assists. Wiggins also contributed 18 points to the overall score last night thus elevating the Dubs’ offensive game. Their shooting splits were .394/.377/.727%.

Stephen Curry settles the score with Dillon Brooks after dirty plays in-game

Ja Morant and Stephen Curry

Dillon Brooks came out of this series as a “dirty player” after trying to injure Stephen Curry on an offensive rebound. Brooks happened to be the same player who collided with Payton in Game 2 which resulted in a season-ending fracture. Thompson confronted Dillon after the push and both players were rewarded with a technical foul.

As the Warriors closed out the night defeating the Grizzlies 110-96, all players took a moment to show their sportsmanship while greeting each other. Curry and Brooks had also exchanged a friendly embrace after the matchup and squashed the bitterness between both teams. Golden State has now advanced into the Western Conference Finals waiting for the winner of Sunday’s Phoenix Suns vs Dallas Mavericks Game 7 closeout winner.

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