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Who is Magic Johnson’s wife? Know all about Cookie Johnson and their relationship

Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson had a movie style marriage, and relationship over the years. Check out all the details about Lady Love of Magic Johnson.

Magic Johnson with his wife Cookie Johnson

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson and wife Cookie Johnson had a movie-like marriage, and relationship over the years. Check out all the details about the Lady Love of Magic Johnson.

Magic Johnson had a very impactful career in the league. He not only won 5 NBA titles with the Lakers, but he also brought glamour to the game. With his flashy play and eye-pleasing passes, he and his team were famed as Show-time Lakers. And of course, that was a golden era of the franchise. Even though Magic Johnson was emerging as a superstar in and around the States, he was very connected to the ground and married to his college-time girlfriend, Cookie.

Magic Johnson winning Award in front of his family

Magic and Cookie Johnson may be one of the longest-lasting relationships in Hollywood, starting from their college party to date.

Details about Cookie Johnson -Magic Johnson Wife, Businesswoman, and an Author.

Magic Johnson with family

Earletha Kelly – the birth name of Cookie was born in Alabama, on 20th January 1959 – nearly 7 months elder than Magic. After her schooling in Detroit, she moved to Michigan University, where she met Magic Johnson.

Graduating from Michigan, the popular celebrity became the author of many books – related to HIV and the care one has to take, after saddening Magic’s news. Before that, she had her Clothing line – CJ Denim, where she designs denim.

She also worked as a social worker helping women in need, was on the board of directors for the Johnson Foundation, and launched a campaign called BREATH – making people aware of asthma. Her approximate net worth is around $4 Million.

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Magic and Cookie Johnson Love Story

Magic Johnson and young Cookie Johnson

Cookie spoke to Mocha Man Style about the first time she met Magic. “We met in college as freshmen [at Michigan State]. I went to a club. One of the only clubs on the campus. [Magic] was standing there by the doorway when I walked in with a friend of mine,”

Magic Johnson

“I told him I’m not giving you my number because you’re not even going to remember me in a month. He said, ‘Yes, I will.’ I gave him the number and literally the day I set foot back on campus he called me.” Cookie recalled the first meeting incident.

Then after starting dating the following year, the couple had some ups and downs in their relationship. Finally, they tied the knot in 1991. Magic and Cookie married in LA in September 1991. He wore a white tux and a white gown and a large tiara.

“I told you and my parents after three months of dating that you were going to be the one I was going to marry,” Magic recalled in a 2019 Instagram post. “By far, marrying you was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” During their first few months of marriage, Magic was diagnosed with HIV. “The key moment was when Cookie took the test and the results came back that her and the baby was fine,” the retired NBA star told King, adding he was “scared to death” beforehand.

But after a brief rift between the two, they were separated for a while – still married though in 2001. As per Cookie it was the cause of Magic being in limelight, “It was like, ‘I don’t want you dancing with me. I want to dance with these people over here,’” she said. “That kind of got to me, because it had been boiling, boiling, boiling, boiling anyway. And I lost it.” However, their separation only lasted two weeks.

Two decades later, 5-time NBA Champion Magic and Cookie are still married. The Johnson Magic still works fine on her and seems to be growing day by day.

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