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Why did Monica Wright not marry Kevin Durant?

NBA Megastar Kevin Durant was engaged for less than year and later called off the possible marriage with WNBA star Monica Wright. Here are views from the both sides

Kevin Durant and Monica Wright were engaged in 2013 and called of their relationship in 2014

2-time NBA Champion and unstoppable shooter in the league, Kevin Durant had one unimaginable event in his personal life. Slim Reaper and his fiancée called off their wedding for personal reasons. Let us check out their point of view.

Kevin Durant is one of the most loved athletes in the basketball world. He is a sharp, clinical, and top-class player on the court. A most desirable player in the league is single at the age of 33 though. One would naturally assume that with so much fandom, the Brooklyn star would’ve found the love of his life by now. But he had his wedding called off, and since then there have been no linkups for the Slim Reaper. Back in 2014, KD was engaged to then-WNBA star Monica Wright, however, it was mutually called off.

Kevin Durant and his Fiancee Monica Wright

Sadly for Durant, he won his MVP award in 2014, while off the court also he was engaged to another athlete who shares the same sporting interest. But the things didn’t last long between the two athletes, and they decided against going forward.

Kevin Durant believed h didn’t love him in ‘right way’ 

Kevin Durant – Brooklyn Nets

An outspoken Kevin Durant open-up the lid and took the blame for the decision. According to an article written published by GQ, Kevin broke up with Monica because “he didn’t love her the right way”. 

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Kevin Durant explained his side of the story, “I had a fiancée, but…I really didn’t know how to, like, love her, you know what I’m saying? We just went our separate ways.” The article also mentioned the proposal Kevin made to Lynx Star, Monica Wright. KD popped up a sudden question in May 2013, as one night he got so full of feelings, he just up and proposed to her. “We was just hanging out, chilling. And I felt the energy. I felt, I need to do this right now. And I just did it. I was like…We’re engaged right now? We’re about to get married? So I was just like, cool! I love this girl. But I didn’t love her the right way.”

While Durant didn’t explain the right way (or wrong way) by his considerations, Wright claimed that she was the one who walked away and she did it for a reason that she says attracted criticism. Monica also detailed her side of the story in an interview with Risen Magazine.

Monica Wright with Durant’s Mother for NBA Game of Kevin Durant

“Yeah, in my last relationship [with Durant], I had to make a decision about compromising myself as a woman. I had to make a decision to leave a relationship, which a lot of people thought I was crazy to leave. There was a lot of criticism over it. But I think God had my back in it. Because I hold to what I know to be true, that is what God will reward instead of what people on the earth think is a good catch.”

“I was engaged last year and it kind of changed that relationship big time because I was going in a direction that unfortunately a lot of people aren’t willing to sacrifice their lifestyle for.”

Kevin, who is so accurate and on the spot while making plays and decisions on the court, seems to have lost his command over relationships, never the less everyone is quite sure about KD getting back on the court with full throttle next season and we might even see a beautiful to-be Mrs. Durant by his side. 

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