“No way you wore that”: LeBron James and other NBA superstars react to Kyle Kuzma’s outrageous pre-game outfit

Watch how Kyle Kuzma wore before the Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Hornets game and how LeBron James reacted to it.

Kyle Kuzma
Kyle Kuzma

While the NBA Players are known to work their way in the gym, day-in and day-out, they are also known for dawning the most outrageous style and Kyle Kuzma’s pre-game outfit in Washington Wizards latest game against the Charlotte Hornets only goes to justify the same. As a result, of which many NBA stars also commented upon the same. 

The unapologetic outfit that he wore before the Washington Wizards game against the Charlotte Hornets has not only taken the internet by storm, but NBA players haven’t been able to hold themselves back either, from reacting. 

Watch: Kyle Kuzma’s pre-game outfit which left the NBA world in splits 

Kyle Kuzma has been a great addition to the Washington Wizards, which finally makes his talent pour out as he is able to lead a side after years in the league. But whether or not he shows consistency in his performance, the fashionista surely always catches everyone’s attention with his bold looks when he walks into a room. And he did just that before meeting with the Hornets for their matchup. Out of all the crazy outfits that Kuz has worn, this definitely takes the cake. 

The 6-foot-10 guard’s wingspan might be gigantic, but he surely doesn’t need an unbelievable oversized pink sweater that comers the entirety of his hands and hangs down, the sleeves nearly touching the floor. But like everyone says, all publicity is good publicity. And whatever other NBA players had to say, only Kuzma could pull this off. 

Take a look at how NBA players like LeBron James reacted upon Kyle Kuzma’s pre game outfit- 

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