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Paul Pierce looking to start his podcast with co-host Kevin Garnett

Former Boston Celtics teammates Paul Pierce looking to start his own podcast alongside co-host Kevin Garnett. While the first guest could be Ray Allen.

Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce

Former or active NBA players starting their own podcast has not been a new phenomenon in the world of basketball. Be it Carmelo Anthony or Kendrick Perkins or Shaquille O’Neal all marquee players have started or at least been on one r the other podcasts. Now according to news reports Paul Pierce is looking to start his own podcast with Kevin Garnett being the other co-host. 

In addition, Paul Pierce suggested that if in case he starts his own podcasts, elite 3-point shooter Ray Allen could be the first guess. Now as Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett who are not just neighbors, but also teammates and friends, prepare their podcast with Showtimeit could become the eventual reunion space for the duo. 

Paul Pierce in action in NBA against LeBron James

Paul Pierce to star his own podcast; Co-host Kevin Garnett 

Moreover, the 75th anniversary of the NBA could be the perfect chance for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to start their venture. In a conversation on The Cedric Maxwell podcast earlier today, “You just gave me an idea Max,” Pierce said. “Me and KG are going to do a show … I think Ray Allen should be our first guest.” 

“Me and Ray pretty much mended our differences,” Paul Pierce told Maxwell. “Kevin Garnett is still on the fence, but I think our conversation with Doc kind of smoothed things over to where you’re going to see us together pretty soon.” 

Lastly, Pierce also hit on the Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving sagas, the current band of young Celtics making a push toward their own first championship similar to what Pierce went threw. He reflected on his path to the NBA 75 list and weighed some snubs as the basketball world debates the edges of who made it and didn’t.

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