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“Prayers up”: Twitter reacts to Jimmy Butler getting carried off the court after a ankle injury

Twitter reacts to Jimmy Butler rolling his ankles.

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler was one of the most underrated name for years in the league since he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in the 2011 draft of National Basketball Association as 30th pick overall. The 32 years old veteran forward Jimmy Butler has had a hell of a career where he was called out as locker room menace, criticized for rude behaviour and anger issues to winning the Most Improved Player award and carrying the Miami Heat to National Basketball Association’s 2020 Finals.

Jimmy Butler is not only a on-court leader for Miami Heat but also a player who defines a perfect role of veteran skills on both the ends from communicating to advising. The Miami Heat have struggled for a extent in every end during his absence as Jimmy Butler this season has already missed 15 games due to several injuries like sprain and contusion which isn’t really a good sign for a 32 years old veteran who has the potential to carry the team around while having a mad run this season. The Miami Heat are currently ranked as the 4th seed in the eastern conference with the record of 23 wins and 15 losses.

Jimmy Butler

Recently the Golden State Warriors hosted the Jimmy Butler led Miami Heat at Chase Center and handed Jimmy and squad a loss to their record after a close contested and head to head match-up in which Miami Heat losing the game also lost their leader to a right ankle injury. With 3 minutes and 14 seconds left on the clock for the third-quarter to end and Miami Heat trailing by 6 points. Jimmy Butler decided to cross and pass Warriors’ Juan Toscano Anderson to get a open look for a bucket near the line but stopping amid the play lost his right ankle as he went out of balance. Which resulted in him being down on the floor and then getting carried off court since he wasn’t able to put any pressure on it. This season Jimmy is averaging 23.2 PPG, 5.9 RPG and 5.4 APG.

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Twitter reacts to Jimmy Butler suffering a right ankle injury

Jimmy Butler gets carried off court

The Heat Nation really loves Jimmy Butler to the fullest has he has brought the team back in business and plays a important role in running the game. Jimmy earlier in November sprained the same right ankle which caused him missing games and now suffering a injury on the same ankle is a matter of concern for everyone as aging plays a important role in healthcare of such athletes. Seeing Jimmy not even being able to plant the foot down and get carried to the locker room has got the fans sad and concerned.

Jimmy rolled his ankle and soon a close contested match-up resulted favouring the Golden State Warriors which shows the impact and influence he had while being present on court and many fans around the world knowing this appreciate his efforts while giving him the correct recognition. Twitter has various reactions from fans around the globe for Jimmy getting carried off the court and not returning to the game. Find some of such many reactions below:

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