Ray Allen reveals honest emotion upon Stephen Curry beating his all-time 3-point record

With Stephen Curry being ever so close to beat Ray Allen's 3-point record, get to know what was opinionated by the legendary Miami Heat and Boston Celtics shooter.

Stephen Curry and Ray Allen
Stephen Curry and Ray Allen

Ray Allen is surely one of the greatest ever 3-point shooters to have ever played in the NBA. Although there would be many arguments upon who is the best, but Stephen Curry has surely put forward a strong claim after dominating the scoring charts whilst shooting from downtown. On the same note, legendary Ray Allen revealed his true emotions on the Golden State Warriors’ marquee taking over the all-time 3-point list. 

In his 18-yearlong NBA career, Ray Allen managed to knock 2,973 3-pointers. But with Stephen Curry breathing down the neck of his record already, the former is aware that his record could be broken sooner than his expectations. With the latter having 2,940 3-pointers already, it is highly likely that the Warriors’ leaders might break this record before the calendar year of 2022 begins. 

What was opinionated by Ray Allen on Stephen Curry taking over the all-time 3-point tally? 

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Ray Allen

Ray Allen is not exactly thrilled about Stephen Curry eventually uprooting him from his pedestal. After all, this is a historic record he’s been holding on to for many years now. At this point, however, the 46-year-old holds no regret whatsoever. 

“I’m happy for him and his family because it’s something that you get to say that you did, something that you accomplished,” Allen said via Monte Poole of NBC Sports. “In your time playing in this league, with all the great players that have come, you get to say that I was one of the best, if not the best, to ever do it.” 

Stephen Curry and Ray Allen
Stephen Curry and Ray Allen

“Stephen Curry used to come into Milwaukee when he was younger, him and Seth,” Ray Allen recalled. “And (Bucks coach) George Karl used to let them participate in shootaround. So, they’d come and we’d go through drills and they’d be right there with us. And they’d hold their own.” 

“This is not about what I decide or how I feel,” Allen said. “I’m just proud and happy that he has done the job of playing in this league and creating young people and a great fan base where he is continually pushing the narrative of what great basketball looks like and set the bar. A different bar.”

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