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Reggie Jackson gives brother Paul George ‘most awkward and sweetest’ MVP chant after a game-changing 34-point explosion against the Jazz

Paul George has made his return for the Clippers, and what a way was it for PG-13 for making a return. Paul George shocked the Jazz dropping 34-points over them.

Paul George and Reggie Jackson

Paul George of the Los Angeles Clippers is finally back for the Clippers, made many including Reggie Jackson scream MVP!!, What a way it was from the Clippers guard to make his return. Reggie Jackson has been one of the bright stars for the Clippers during the absence of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Reggie Jackson chants MVP after PG13 dropped 34 points on the Jazz.

Paul George is back for the LA Clippers!!!!

Paul George

For the first time in a long time, George has made his return to the basketball court for the clippers. And as things looked, the Clippers were missing George desperately. Paul George exploded in his first game back for the Clippers, dropping 34 points, and registering 6 assists. The Clippers who were on a 5-game losing streak finally broke the streak stopping it from getting any worse. The win for the Clippers marked the return of Paul George after a period of 3 months after he tore his UCL in his right hand.

Paul George was given a restriction of 1 minute, but as things went on, he was seen playing for more than just a minute. Paul George on his return scored the highest in the game for his team with 34-points. The Los Angeles Clippers were trailing, but made a comeback in the third quarter, a quarter which saw George score 20 points of the 34-points he scored. Clippers went on another 13 to nothing run in the fourth quarter to get the first lead of the night. The Clipper eventually won the game 121-115.

Reggie Jackson chants MVP for Paul George’s return

Paul George and Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson the Clipper guard had a good game himself and came out with 21 points, and 5 assists. In the post-game interview on the court. Paul George was being interviewed about his return in the NBA for the Clippers just in time for the playoffs. Reggie Jackson couldn’t contain what the Clippers were treated to when Paul George marked his return in stunning fashion, with helping his team break a 5-game losing streak and scoring 34 points over the Utah Jazz.

The Los Angeles Clippers are looking strong after Paul George made his return. The Clippers are another good news away with Kawhi Leonard closing in on his return date. It is possible to say that Los Angeles Clippers will be having their talisman combine once again in the Playoffs this season.

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