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“Black Michael Jackson is here” Reggie Jackson turns on his ‘A-Dance Game’ as Hartenstein knocked 13th career 3-pointer

Reggie Jackson and Paul George were feeling it when Hartenstein landed the 13th 3-pointer of his career.

Paul George and Reggie Jackson dancing

Reggie Jackson and Paul George had their fair share of moves like jagger when the LA Clippers took an easy dub against the New Orleans Pelicans as the former cruised past their rivals with a 19-point margin. Well, the dance moves weren’t for their team winning, but rather for one of their teammates scoring another 3-pointer, specifically the 13th 3-pointer of their career. Isaiah Hartenstein added the 13th three-pointer to his career list and his teammates couldn’t help themselves but dance to this unbelievable achievement.

The team seemed to be having a lot of fun in the moment as they were leading by a 17-point margin, making them feel comfortable enough to dance.

Paul George and Reggie Jackson

Isaiah Hartenstein landed the 13th three-pointer of his career and his teammates lost it, they danced, they cheered and they enjoyed as if something completely out of this world went down in the Crypto.Com arena. Paul George who just joined back the squad after quite a long layoff seemed to be enjoying a bit too much as he also tried to imitate the steps of his teammate Reggie who was already in the zone, shaking his hips and waving his arms. Though not a very highly discussed sequence, this dance by Jackson and George was one of the highlights of the game, highlighting the support they give to their teammates.

Let us take a closer look at this sequence as Isaiah Hartenstein landed a three-pointe while his teammates supported him with their exquisite dance which was appreciated by the commentators and the entire crowd.

Paul George and Reggie Jackson groove to Isaiah Hartenstein hitting a 3-pointer

Isaiah Hartenstein

The LA Clippers produced a highlight reel of a match with the team getting an easy dub while their players danced their heart out to some of the most random stats in the history of the sport. This state came out from the Clippers vs Pelicans game when Isaiah Hartenstein landed a 3-pointer in the fourth quarter of the game, and it was the 13th 3-pointer of his entire career. The squad enjoyed this moment a bit too much and it was seen by the entire arena and the commentators who appreciated their dance.


George and Jackson dancing

With about 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter and 7 seconds left on the shot clock, Hartenstein was passed the ball by his teammate which is when he stood right outside the 3-point line and waited for a second before doing anything. Hartenstein went for a 3-point and banked it in as the crowd were up on their feet celebrating this achievement.

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His teammates on the bench celebrated by dancing as Reggie Jackson could be seen absolutely grooving to the shot and Paul George started dancing after seeing Jackson as well. George hit some of his own steps and then went to replicate the steps of Reggie. The crowd and the commentators had a good laugh over this sequence, adding a sweet sprinkle to the Clippers’ victory.


Pelicans vs Clippers Highlights

Let us now take a closer look at the reactions people had on twitter to Jackson and George dancing as Hartenstein hit a 3-pointer.

Twitter Reacts to Paul George and Reggie Jackson dancing over Hartenstein’s 3-pointer

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