“Russell Westbrook is a disaster for the Lakers”- Skip Bayless has become BLASÉ with Russell Westbrook constantly picking Turnovers

“Russell Westbrook is a disaster for the Lakers”- Skip Bayless has become BLASÉ with Russell Westbrook constantly picking Turnovers

Russell Westbrook

Skip Bayless has once again lashed out on Russell Westbrook after his constant habit of picking up turnovers in every game of his.

The LA Lakers have hit the dead end at least it looks like that. With a score of 16-16, the Lakers have just outdone themselves at performing badly. The title contenders have put on a show that has made the NBA Executives drop their heads in embarrassment because of how wrong there were to assume that this season’s LA Lakers start-studded roster would be able to take the title home.


The hopes have started to die and Skip Bayless is here to rub the salt on the wounds more.

Skip Bayless yet again roasts Russell Westbrook for his turnovers

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook – LA Lakers

Well, the only record that Russell Westbrook is breaking is the Worst Turnover in the NBA. The Former MVP was traded from Washington Wizards to LA Lakers for a $44 Million deal for the 2021-22 NBA season but he has clearly failed to serve his purpose.

With stagnant performance, the only thing that’s adding to his report card is the number of turnovers he has in a match.


He once joked after committing 15 turnovers in his first two preseason games for the LA Lakers by saying “Good thing they don’t count.” But who knew he would register a record for turnovers and the season is just in its first leg.

Skip Bayless hasn’t been impressed with Westbrook’s performance this season and on the recent Undisputed episode, he talks about how Russell has gone from bad to worse in playing and drawing turnovers for his team.

Bayless said, “Russell Westbrick is a disaster for the Lakers. He is completely out of control in so many different ways. The only hope to have a team that can contend is to get rid of him.”


He further added, “You cannot overcome Russell Westbrook… He now leads the NBA in turnovers by 18. This is all-time bad, and he had 7 more last night.”

Skip Bayless has clearly showcased his distaste with Westbrook and emphasized the fact that how his presence has added no substance to the LA Lakers roster rather seems to have diminished it more. He even went on to call Westbrook “Westbrick” to call him dull and unchanging. Even the fans are quite upset with Russell Westbrook portraying this kind of play that is way below his potential line.

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