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“NBA’s ‘Iron Man’ has become prone to injuries”: Skip Bayless questions LeBron James injury status ahead of Lakers’ road trip

Get to know all about what was opinionated by analyst Skip Bayless on LeBron James injury status ahead of Lakers' game against Trail Blazers.

Skip Bayless and LeBron James

Hoop fans will be aware that Skip Bayless has been one of most fearless and honest analysts in the NBA, for which he is often criticised as well. Now the 69-years-old analyst has questioned LeBron James injury status as the Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar has been ruled out for a week. To those who are not aware, the purple and gold army suffered yet another defeat to OKC in their most recent game without LBJ by their side. 

Given that the NBA is a fast-paced league and there are 82 games in the regular season after which the playoffs kick off. LeBron James has been ruled out, given that the team does not want to take chances in the business end of the league. Even last time around, when the 36-years-old veteran sat out due to injury, the LA Lakers endured a horror show. As a result, of which they fell out of the top 6 playoff berths. Now Skip Bayless has given a harsh reality check upon LeBron James injury. 

Skip Bayless questions LeBron James injury 

For years, hoop fans have witnessed the 36-years-old marquee player be the solid figure in the NBA. LeBron James, in his 19th season in the league, had always been known for his longevity. The Akron native has been performing at a high level for so long. Along with performing at a high level, he has been able to stay healthy for that long. Till LeBron James was in Cleveland Cavaliers, we have rarely seen him miss any games. However, this has changed in the last two years as I when he has joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

Skip Bayless on LeBron James

Just mentioning this point, analyst Skip Bayless seems to have pounced on LeBron James injury status. “Is it possible LeBron Raymone James Sr. has gone from indestructible to..injury prone? In Year 19, it’s one thing after another after another. Now: ab strain. At least a week. Now ‘Iron Man’ has even become a slow healer.” 

Having said that, it remains to be seen how the Los Angeles Lakers play-out on the road after losing to OKC in such embarrassing fashion without LeBron James.

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