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“Spoke Up A Little Early, It wasn’t Necessarily Welcomed”: Spencer Dinwiddie on Being Shut Down for His “Leader” Role

Spencer Dinwiddie recently spoke about his role in the team, and how he was shut down for saying things in favour of the team, which supposedly weren’t liked by others.

Spencer Dinwiddie

After the team’s loss to Memphis Grizzlies, Wizards’ guard Spencer Dinwiddie had a shocking locker room confession to make, which might cause him trouble or even lead to unrest amongst the fans of the team.


Dinwiddie stated that his role as a leader didn’t work out really well for him, where in he was shut down for speaking up, Dinwiddie said:

“It’s an interesting situation. I spoke up a little bit early on [this season]. It wasn’t necessarily welcomed…”

Spencer Dinwiddie’s Comments

Dinwiddie’s claims seem to highlight the underlying problem inside the Wizards’ locker room, which might have also caused them to be in the form that they are in right now.

The Washington Wizards This Season

Spencer Dinwiddie

Post a commendable start to the season, the Washington Wizards have had an extremely slumpy performance since the past few weeks, being on an absolute freefall, which will require a miracle for them to come out of the situation they have put themselves in, while also losing all the chemistry and bonds they had at the beginning of the season.

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The team has been on a horrendous run this season, with a 23-26 run and a 5-match losing streak standing at the 11th position in the Eastern Conference. The team lost by a 30-point margin to the Memphis Grizzlies which in itself is an ugly stat, also showing internal strife, which in no shape or form is good news.

And only after this 30-point loss did Spencer Dinwiddie speak up about his attempts to lead and guide the team were shut down early in the season by his teammates.

Bradley Beal

Such reports also came out last week when 3X All-Star Bradley Beal spoke up and called out his teammates for playing selfishly, bringing the team in the bad position they are in right now, after blowing out a 35-point lead to the LA Clippers.

Beal said, “A lot of my teammates are fighting for minutes. They’re fighting for a spot, they’re fighting for survival in a lot of ways, trying not to be traded, trying to stay in the league, trying to get another contract,” also adding “…Once we have a committed group to what’s important and winning, then I think that’s what’s going to change.”

Wizards vs Grizzlies, a 30-point loss

Washington Wizards

In their match against the Grizzlies, the Wizards lost by 115-95, a 30-point margin, which was another ugly loss to their record this season.

Kyles Kuzma was the lead scorer for the Wizards, with 30 points, 3 assists and 8 rebounds in the 36 minutes that he played, followed by Kentavious Caldwell-Pope who scored 15 points, and for the Grizzlies, the team displayed an overall performance by all the players, being led by JA Morant who scored 34 points, 2 assists and 3 rebounds in the 34 minutes that he played and Desmond Bane who scored 19 points overall.

Morant who was picked as an All-Star Starter this week, had his 6th consecutive 30+ points game, helping the team build an early lead. The Grizzlies’ coach Taylor Jenkins said “The big key to the game was making sure we were taking away the paint, and making sure we got the 50-50 balls, and we did that”

Even though Kyle Kuzma led the Wizards with 30 points, the team has lost 5 straight matches and it will be interesting to see what they plan on doing to still remain in championship contention.

Washington Wizards vs Memphis Grizzlies

After back-to-back slumpy losses and being on a freefall, the Wizards are now also showing signs of internal strife, which raises big questions and also if the team has any vocal player who could lead them, on and off court.
Spencer Dinwiddie himself didn’t have very good figures when he went to the team, which in some way reduced his credibility due to a sub-par performance, and the exit of Russell Westbrook meant that the team lost the only vocal player that they had. Looking at the accusations made by Dinwiddie, it will be a tough time for the Wizards management to figure out how do they go about the situation that seems to be slipping out of their hands.

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