Stephen A. Smith makes strong claim on Golden State warriors ending LeBron James era

Will the Golden State Warriors be able to end the 2021-22 season with the best record? Stephen A. Smith believes so.

Stephen Curry, LeBron James and Stephen A. Smith
Stephen Curry, LeBron James and Stephen A. Smith

Any hoop fan when asked about the best team in the NBA 2021-22 Season, will surely have the name of Golden State Warriors in their mind, given their terrific perform even without Klay Thompson. Moreover, the terrific start to the season has only led Stephen A. Smith is quoting that the Stephen Curry led side is on the verge of ending ‘LeBron James era’ and probably much more. 

In a recent episode of FirstTake, Stephen A. Smith discussed the recent game of Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns. While he started out by appreciating the Suns who pulled of a nail-biting victory without Devin Booker’s services in the previous meeting of these teams. Yet the veteran NBA analysts suggested that it is the Golden State Warriors who will reign superior as the season progresses and reaches the business end. 

Stephen A. Smith on Golden State Warriors being the best 

Referring how the star-studded Lakers is yet to find their best form, Stephen A. Smith urged that LeBron James’ purple and gold army need to be aware of the Golden State Warriors threat. 

On the same note he stated, “The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of putting an emphatic exclamation point to the era of LeBron James. There is no such thing as ‘the LeBron James era’ if you ain’t in the Finals!” 

Stephen Curry and Draymond Green - FirstSportz
Stephen Curry and Draymond Green

LeBron has been the most dominant force in the NBA for nearly two decades now. For some reason, he’s been able to defy Father Time as he continues to prove that he remains to be one of, if not the top player in the game year after year.  

Stephen A. Smith on LeBron James
Stephen A. Smith and LeBron James

Having said that, Smith believes that The King’s reign is about to come to an end. Stephen Curry and the Warriors are just too good of a team right now for them not to make it all the way to the NBA Finals this year, and in the process, put an end to the LeBron James era — at least in the mind of Stephen A. Smith.

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