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“He’s injury probe, never said he can’t play” Stephen A. Smith reacts to Anthony Davis’ comments on his injuries

Stephen A. Smith reacts to Anthony Davis's comments about his injuries and says that he is a top-5 or a top-10 player when he isn't injured, but he's injury-prone.

Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Stephen A. Smith

Anthony Davis, who is criticized by both fans and critics alike for permanently being injured and sitting on the bench had come out firing against his critics by saying that these aren’t just some ticky-tack injuries. Now Stephen A. Smith on the ‘First take’ has said that Anthony Davis is injury prone, and he has a history of repeatedly being injured.

The lakers are on the verge of being eliminated from the play-in as they are nearly 3 games behind the 10th spot holder San Antonio Spurs, and their schedule is tough for the remaining games. Anthony Davis who has come back from an ankle injury, in his team’s loss to the Denver Nuggets, in the postgame press conference has said that if the need arises then he will play with pain in the last 4 games to get the lakers in the final play-in spot.

Stephen A. Smith reacts to Anthony Davis’s comments about his injuries.

Anthony Davis has been out for nearly 39 games, this season with a knee injury and an ankle injury. Stephen A. Smith said on First take that,  “ If Anthony Davis is at a 100 percent, the lakers are a 16 games under 500, we know better, coz he is too great for something like that to happen; but those injuries do matter, and when a guy is your teammate who is considered as the second greatest player of whoever played the game, who is 37 years of age and in his 19th season and even though he has had some injuries and is still healthier than you… you’re going to have people who look at you and just say damn.”

He even further said that if Anthony Davis was healthy, the lakers wouldn’t be in the position they are in now and that’s something he has to accept because Anthony Davis can’t stay healthy, even though it’s not his fault. His injuries this year are freak injuries and can happen to anybody, but he has get in better shape and condition to avoid getting injured.

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