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“Still getting ignored in the MVP conversation”: Fans bamboozled as JA Morant shutdowns the Bulls with a 360 layup but still gets left out of the contenders

Twitter reacts to JA Morant’s 360 layup on DeMar DeRozan.

JA Morant

JA Morant has been the hottest young star gun of the league. As he leads Memphis Grizzlies to new heights in their regular-season records with his great scoring ability which draws comparison to young Derrick Rose. JA Morant just in his third year in the league has been godlike and unreal with his great performances. The season has been great so far for him where some injuries were concerning but as of now, JA looks great and good. As he recently shut downed DeMar Derozan’s Chicago Bulls in style.

Recently, the Chicago Bulls hosted the Memphis Grizzlies at United Center. After a closely contested and head-to-head match-up, the Memphis Grizzlies shined on the top as JA Morant led them to victory. The final box score stands at 116-110 favoring the Memphis Grizzlies. JA Morant in the game got himself a career night as he dropped 46 points (career-high), 3 assists and 4 rebounds against the Bulls. Every credit for the win against the Bulls goes to Morant as his scoring heroics got the dub. The offensive end of the Grizzlies was undefeated as the Bulls’ defense had no reply for JA’s scoring chain.

JA Morant

JA Morant also broke the internet with a highlight-worthy play of his. Where showcasing his epic bounce and fearlessness he did a 360 layup and finished the play in style. The clip of the play from JA stands viral on all social media platforms. As there are not many players capable to pull off such a play when contested but JA tops the list as his athleticism just keeps getting better. As in every game he tries to gift a big man a poster.

Ja Morant

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Twitter reacts to JA Morant’s 360 layup

Ja Morant

With one minute and fifty-nine seconds remaining for the second quarter to end. The Memphis Grizzlies ran an IQ play around JA Morant as Kyle Anderson and Steven Adams setting up a double screen for the guard sent him in the paint. Where a bounce pass from Steven Adams got JA the ball and then the young gun finished off in style with a 360 layup on DeMar DeRozan. The Bulls had no answers for the plays and scoring chains ran by the Grizzlies which eventually sold the game for them.

Twitter has thousands of reactions to the viral clip of Morant’s 360 layup. As they praise and appreciate him. But many fans are also unhappy as JA Morant’s greats aren’t getting the correct recognition. Since he is already a part of the MVP conversation but still left out from the top contenders. Fans root for him on the internet as they don’t want him to be left out of the MVP ladder.

The Memphis Grizzlies under his leadership are currently ranked as the third seed in the western conference of the league with the record of 42 wins and 20 losses at .677. JA this season averages 27.1 points, 5.9 rebounds, 6.7 assists, 1.2 steals and 0.4 blocks per game. Find some of many reactions of fans rooting for him to enter the MVP conversation as a top contender on Twitter here below:

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