Video: Terance Mann continues to embarrass Rudy Gobert over and over again

Watch young Terance Mann murder the defensive player of the year with his poster dunk once again. Los Angeles Clipper edge the upper hand in dying moments. with a lead

Terance Mann
Terance Mann

The Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Clippers are back to Staples Center for game 6. As the game kick started, once again Los Angeles Clippers are trying to acquire the driving seat. Terance Mann has been the starter for the team since Kawhi Leonard’s injury. The go to rotational player has been delivering huge in the absence of franchise talisman. Recently, Terance Mann embarrassed the defensive player of the year, Rudy Gobert with a throw down. Once again, he has repeated the sequence for the Los Angeles Clippers with a put back dunk on Rudy Gobert and embarrassing him again.

The Los Angeles Clippers are well determined to grab the opportunity and seize the series with a win. The 3-2 lead is fragile without Kawhi Leonard, but they have achieved it earlier. Hence they will look to go at it again. Utah Jazz have everything on the line to fight for. If they can’t afford a win and tie the series, they will be straight out of the playoffs. It is anybody’s game.

Los Angeles Clippers
Terance Mann

Terrance Mann dunks on Rudy Gobert again

Los Angeles Clippers swingman Terance Mann just loves making a fool out of Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert. For the second game in a row, Mann showed no mercy and dunked on the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. This time, he did so in the first of Game 6 as if saying he owns Gobert. More than that Los Angeles Clippers are showing all signs of making it to the next round.

Rudy Gobert should certainly be wary of the rising Los Angeles Clippers youngster. We’re not saying Mann is intentionally targeting the Frenchman, but he sure is loving posterizing a bigger opponent who is also regarded as the best defender in the NBA. There’s just no better morale-booster than that! Mann seems to get the better of Rudy every time. Can Paul George and the Los Angeles Clippers end game 6 with a win?

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