“They messed my feet up” Shaquille O’Neal gives a honest review on his first pair of Jordans and how they turned out to be last

“They messed my feet up” Shaquille O’Neal gives a honest review on his first pair of Jordans and how they turned out to be last

Shaquille O’Neal commonly known as “Shaq” and the most dominant player the league has ever seen who was unguardable especially in the post. The National Basketball Association’s Hall of Famer recently went Sneaker Shopping at Complex, where he revealed his sneaker journey, his shoe line and also how his first pair of AIR JORDAN 1 1985 left him with permanent damages.

The host for the show Joe La Pluma when initiated a conversation on Shaq wearing Jordans in size 13 while having a size 15 feet. Shaq revealed his story regarding his first Jordan ever which also is his last pair he said, “Everybody was coppin em, and it was the first time that shoes like that ever came out. So when those came out, everybody had them. I had to cut grass, walk dogs, babysit and then when I went to the store, they were like we don’t have size 15s, we have some 13s.”

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq adding to it also mentioned that he wore them the next day to the school and it was hurting resulting in getting corns which he still has and he also played a season in those due to which his feet went terrible and is still suffering for that and how all this resulted him to shift to Converse. Big Diesel also shared him using a old tradition where you mix leather with hot water for it to get stretched which was passed to him by his great grandmother but unfortunately it didn’t work for the Jordans.

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Further in the conversation Shaq also talked about signing to Reebok and how he managed to get the price higher by a million dollar which is a infamous story where he visits the Nike headquarters in a Reebok’s jacket.

Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordan

Shaq on parting ways with Reebok and starting a affordable shoe line

Shaquille O’Neal’s shoe line

Shaq further on the show shared the story where he was personally touched and thought to build a affordable shoe when a woman outside the arena criticized the giant for not making affordable shoes. Shaq personally felt the pain remembering him doing the extra work for his first shoe when his dad won’t allow him to buy a 65$ AIR JORDAN 1.

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This made Shaq part ways with Reebok and start his own shoe line. He quoted that “We shouldn’t be charging this babies over 100 at least, like 200 and 250 this babies wearing them can’t afford them.”

Shaq also shared his experience of meeting President Obama and how he always tried to chase Nike by having his shoes placed next to Michael Jordan’s stuff at stores while discussing buisness and how he currently owns Reebok and will try to strike back.

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