NBA Throwback: David Griffin throws shade upon when LeBron James started ‘schooling’ Toronto Raptors in 2017 playoffs

Read upon all the throwback given by ex-Cavaliers GM upon LeBron James while he played against Toronto Raptors.

LeBron James vs Raptors
LeBron James vs Raptors

When LeBron James had not joined the Los Angeles Lakers, many believe he single handedly led the Cleveland Cavaliers into the playoff season after season. Moreover, the 36-years-old not only ensured that Cavaliers play in the NBA playoffs, but moreover dragged them to the Finals time and again. Ex Cavaliers General Manager, David Griffin remembers how the Akron Native started schooling the Toronto Raptors once during a playoff series in 2017. 

To those who are not aware, before the Kawhi Leonard led Toronto Raptors were derived as the 2019 NBA Champions, LeBron James used to dominate the Canada based team like school kids in the regular season and playoff games. From insane comebacks, to buzzer beating game winner, LeBron James has done it all against the Toronto Raptors. Some hoop fans also suggested that fans did not turn up in the stadium, when LeBron James was scheduled to step up, as it was believed to be a lost cause. 

Ex Cavaliers GM David Griffin remembers LeBron James schooling Toronto Raptors in 2017 

However, Cleveland Cavaliers ex-GM David Griffin recalled when LeBron James started schooling the Toronto Raptors on how to run their offense during the 2017 playoff series. To discuss the 2017 Eastern Conference semi-final series between the number 2 seeded Cleveland Cavaliers and number 3 seeded Toronto Raptors, it was the former team who clean swept the series 4-0 in order to eventually prevail into the finals against the Golden State Warriors that very year. 

David Griffin and LeBron James
David Griffin and LeBron James

But talking about LeBron James’ domination over the Raptors, in those 4 games, the 4xNBA Champion led the scoring charts for his team on 3 occasions. Each time he scored at least 35 points. The only game he did not led the scoring charts for the Cavaliers, the team still ended up winning 115-94(game 3). 

LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers

Having said that, there have many teams who have stood up against LeBron James’ heroics, but Toronto Raptors surely has to be one of those teams who were unable to halt the wrath of LeBron James while he was playing in the Eastern Conference for Cavaliers.

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