Top 5 Stephen Curry’s greatest Performances in the NBA

Read about Stephen Curry's top 5 games in the NBA.

There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of Stephen Curry, and that goes across all sports. He is admirably compact and coherent when he plays on the court and is someone to whom a team could be trusted upon. Curry’s presence on the court is so assuring that even the Warriors coach said this one time that he is not worried about Curry scoring because he will ultimately irrespective of the fact that how many defenders are placed on him.

Stephen Curry since being drafted in 2009 has been nothing but a boon to the Warriors. The warriors really hit a bonanza with Stephen Curry. Since joining the Warriors in 2009, Curry has put forward some extremely amazing performances.

Top 5 Stephen Curry’s Greatest Games

5. Golden State Warriors vs Atlanta Hawks 2021

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Top 5 Stephen Curry’s greatest Performances in the NBA 3

One of the recent additions to this list is Curry’s impeccable 50 pointer game against the Atlanta Hawks.  On November 8th, 2021, the Warriors squared off with Hawks at the Chase in an alluring match. The Warriors went on to beat the Hawks by 127-113 and register a score of 9-1.  

Playing against Curry isn’t fair sometimes and it was clear when he dropped 50 points against the Hawks when he initially was seen clutching his shoulder after he tweaked it by mistake.

4. Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets 2021

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The Warriors met the Nuggets in an enticing match on April 12th, 2021. The Warriors defeated the Nuggets by 116-67. Curry scored 53 points against Nikola Jokic’s Nuggets in his 36 minutes on the court. The Warriors did have the best year last season and their performance walkways were surrounded in consternation. Klay Thompson’s absence makes it harder for Curry because he had to average 40 points per game

Also, back in 2015 in the Warriors match against the New Orleans Pelicans, Curry dropped a 53 point game.

3. Golden State Warriors vs New York Knicks 2013

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Top 5 Stephen Curry’s greatest Performances in the NBA 4

Stephen Curry’s 3rd highest scoring game was against the New York Knicks that was played back in 2013 on Feb 27th. Curry recorded a 54 point game against the New Yorkers along with 6 rebounds and 7 assists within his 48 minutes on the court.

The Warriors lost to the New York Knicks by 105-109. But the fact that Stephen literally carried the whole match on his shoulders is applaudable. The luck wasn’t on their side that day.

2. Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks 2021

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 The Golden State Warriors met the Luka Doncic led Dallas Mavericks last season on 6th Feb 2021. Though the Warriors lost that match to the Mavericks by 134-132 still Stephen Curry went on to record a game of 57 points; the second-highest of his career.  Even though the Warriors didn’t make it t the playoffs, still Stephen Curry gave some of the best performances in this season.

 1. Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers 2021

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On Jan 3 2021, Curry netted his career’s first-ever 60+ pointer game against the Portland Trail Blazers with 62 points.  The Warriors won the match by 137-122 but Stephen’s Curry 62points is what defines that game.

Since 1st Quarter the Warriors dominated the Trail Blazers. Stephen was flawless in all the departments: Dripping, passing, drive-in, Shooting, and defense. Yes, for a point Guard Curry does have some of the best records for rebounds and defense.

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