Watch: Trae Young explains savage send off celebration in Knicks vs Hawks Game 5

Witness the extremely savage celebration from Trae Young after knocking dagger3-pointer to send Knicks out of the playoffs in Game 5

Trae Young

Since the start of the series, the Atlanta Hawks’ marquee player Trae Young has not had a pleasant greeting in the Madison Square Garden which has been caught on the camera as well. But, it seems like that is exactly what has led Young so motivated to perform at his very best, sending off the New York Knicks out of the 2020-21 NBA Playoff Round 1 itself.

In game 5, the Hawks came in with a 3-1 advantage, only to be requiring a knockout punch. Well they did the same on the backs of their most trusted offensive players, Trae Young, who scored 36 points. This surely might have led Trae Young to be the perfect villain for the Madison Square Garden fans. Especially after the “F**k Trae Young” chants in Game 1, which started the heated exchange in the first place.

Trae Young Epic Celebration in Knicks vs Hawks Game 5

With less than a minute remaining, Trae Young knocked a dagger 3-pointer. Which ended all the hopes of New York Knicks being able to make a comeback in Game5. And what led to misery to the fans in MSG, was Trae Young bowing out to them, sending a perfect showmanship wave-off.

After the game, Trae was asked about the bow and had a sensational quote about putting on a show in a city that knows a great show when they see it, and those performances always end with a bow.

Trae has been more about letting his game do the talking and plays the humble card in postgame interviews, but this is a thrilling development in his growth as a villain, talking the talk as he walks the walk.

From a Hawks’ fan perspective this is exactly what is required from Trae Young, when he can answer all his critics on the court. Having said that as things stand the Hawks would be up against Philadelphia 76ers in Round 2 of the playoffs.

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