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NBA Twitter flood with Max Kellerman “I want Iguodala” comment after Andre Iguodala missed a shot at game-tying buzzer three

twitter reacts to Max Kellerman statement of "I want Iguodala.”

Andre Iguodala and Max Kellerman

On Tuesday night, the Denver Nuggets defeated Golden State Warriors with 89-86, even though Stephen Curry completed his 3000th career three-pointers his game was not very effective against the Nuggets, the game went to a dramatic moment at the end of the fourth quarter.

Warriors were trailing after halftime at 60-36, but they made their comeback by keeping Nuggets defense down to 65-53 with help of Stephen Curry’s deep and stand-back three-pointers with seven minutes remaining in the final quarter. But, eventually went into the final few minutes where Nuggets were leading with 84-82 when only two minutes were left.

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Final Moment of the game with a dramatic ending as Andre Iguodala missed a game-tying moment

Andre Iguodala

In the final crucial moment, the score was tied when Gary Payton dunked with 64 seconds remaining, then Barton brought Nuggets back into the lead. In the last 2 seconds when the score was 88-86 Andrew Wiggins fouled Campazzo of Nuggets. Warriors had the possession but the last shot was attempted by Andre Iguodala, which he air-balled in the last second.

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NBA fans react to Max Kellerman old statement, “I want Iguodala”

Later, on Twitter, a funny old statement of Max Kellerman went viral which he made on First take 2 years ago when he was asked, “with the game online one-shot who would you rather take it eggie or curry?”

To which Max Kellerman replied “Of everyone on Golden State, open shot, fate of the universe on the line, the martians have the death beam pointed at Earth, you better hit it… I want Iguodala.”

Although there was no such situation of laser pointed on us but we had a different circumstance which made it even more hilarious after the game on Twitter.

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