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“Already falling for Basketball Players”-Twitter reacts to Clippers’ Kristina Pink suffering a horrifying fall after Post-Match Interview

Twitter reacts to Clippers sideline reporter suffering a horrifying fall after the Post-match interview.

“Be Cautious” is something that Kristina Pink learned the hard way in yesterday’s post-match interview after LA Clippers blasting win over the Atlanta Hawks. The Clippers hosted the Hawks Sunday night at the Crpto.com Arena or previously known as the Staples center and left the Hawks with a bitter feeling by handing them a 93-106 defeat.


This defeat was an essential one for the Clippers because they have lost their last 3 matches consecutively and a morale booster was high in need. Against the Hawks, the Clippers started great, gaining an 8 point lead by the end of the first quarter.

Though the Hawks tried their best to bridge the point gap still they fell short on the score boarded and ended up getting defeated by a 13 point difference.


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Twitter reacts to Clippers’ Kristina Pink’s drastic Fall

Kristina Pink

Clippers’ Amir Coffey tied his career-high with 21 points and remained the high scorer of the night.  Coffey’s 21 and Serge Ibaka’s 16 points led the Clippers to their final victory against the Hawks.

Now, Coffey was on fire throughout the night and his teammates knew they had to cool him so Reggie Jackson and Terence Mann celebrated his career-high tie by squirting water the 24-year-old star. But who knew that water puddle would make Kristina see stars.

Kristina was interviewing Coffey and right after it finished, she took a hard fall on the court. Slippery court and high heels don’t often go well and for Kristina, it was quite painful to learn it that way. But seems like the Clippers sideline reporter is doing well because she took on Twitter to update the fans about her condition and thanked everyone for their concerns.

Twitter reacts to Kristina Pink’s fall.

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