Twitter reacts to lights out in crucial moment of Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers Game 6

Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers: Watch Trae Young shoot a lights out moment in Game 6. Twitter goes gaga over the crucial moment lights out.

Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers
Lights out at Atlanta

The NBA fans were on the verge to see Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers going against each other on game 6. The semi-final has proved to be extremely entertaining. Despite Atlanta Hawks falling short in the game, the match was filled with drama throughout. Trae Young was in sublime form. With his excellent cross overs, he shot almost perfectly from the field. One such moment came when the lights went off after Trae Young converted a clutch 3-pointer. The lights out show was cheered by the fans and twitter erupted with Trae Young shooting a lights out moment.

Game 6 of the conference semi-finals ended 99-104 to tie the series once again at 3-3. Trae Young was on fire with his perimeter shooting once again. He almost shot down every of his 3-point attempt. Trae Young closed down with 34-points and 12 assists in the game. John Collins the forward postered on Joel Embiid making a highlight real play. Seth Curry and Tobias Harris on the other end scored 24-points each to get to the win. Joel Embiid added another 22-points in their win. Now Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers game 7 will decide who advances ahead.

Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers
Lights out moment

Trae Young’s lights out moment erupts on Twitter

Trae Young nailed an absurdly tough three-pointer with his Hawks down four and the clock ticking under two minutes left. But immediately after the Hawks stud’s shot, the lights went out entirely inside the building. Young’s hot shooting might have gotten too spicy for the in-arena lighting to handle. However, the twitter instantly started overflowing with tweets. Everyone started praising Trae Young for the ice cold moment shutting the Arena down. Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers has been a dramatic sequence of events.

With lights going out Hawks fans made the most out of it. Hawks fans made the most out of the moment, turning on all their phones and channeling their inner concert goer. They turned pitch black darkness into a sea of shining lights amongst the crowd. The Atlanta Hawks vs Philadelphia 76ers has been a dramatic series so far. Game 7 will be deciding the fate of the series with a couple of days left.

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