Video: “No way James Harden! You aren’t getting those calls anymore!” Twitter reacts as Nets’ superstar tries to draw a foul

Watch the latest video and reaction from the preseason contests as to how James Harden isn't given the foul because of the new NBA rules.

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James Harden

James Harden’s recent attempt at drawing a foul against a Philadelphia 76ers defender has left the whole twitter in a chortle. In what is deemed to be an entire change of rules heading into the 2021-22 NBA Season, the star Brooklyn Nets playmaker had to face the heat of it after Stephen Curry.

The NBA has changed its rule since the beginning of the pre-season game that any move that baits the defenders and then allows the offensive players to lurch onto them to have a contact and draw a phantom foul will not be accepted or worse, that the offensive player might be fouled over charging.

 Stephen Curry was seen unsuccessful at drawing a foul previously and Luke Doncic was fouled for charging. Adding to that list is now James Harden. The shot that has helped Harden to draw countless free throws might have no impact now. His attempt and then calling out for a foul is going viral on Twitter and people aren’t shying away from trolling the Nets star player.

Watch How Netizen Reacted to James Harden Call for a Foul

The new rule if taken into consideration does give leverage to the defense and clips the chance of the offensive team to draw out fouls. Any Unnatural move might not be entertained by the referees.

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James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie irving

The Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers faced each other today in a pre-season game. The sixers drove the victory home by defeating the Nets by 115-104. Both the teams are amidst controversy. For the Nets, Kyrie Irving‘s stance against vaccination has already cost the nets losses in the pre-season games and the fans can only pray that Irving gets to come back soon. The trio of James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Ken Durant is the key factor for the Nets’ path to NBA Finals.

Ben Simmons Trade Saga- Doc Rivers and Simmons
Ben Simmons Trade Saga- Doc Rivers and Simmons

And, for the Sixers, Ben Simmions remains a point of trouble. The young star missed today’s game but has been reported to come back. Previously, Ben Simmons vaccated his Philly apartment and showed no signs of returning. Well! the world does revolve in some mysterious ways.

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