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Warriors News: Klay Thompson Earned more Post-Injury than he did in while Playing

Thompson earned millions without playing a single match in the league

Klay Thompson

Even though the Golden State Warriors are cruising this season still there’s an absence that awaits Klay Thompson’s return. The Warriors are one of the most successful teams in this season and currently in the top seed of the western conference all thanks to Stephen Curry’s deep three-pointers, but the Warriors are still missing the spice of Curry- Thompson duo which will make them most dominating team in the league.

Klay Thompson was injured in the 5th game of the 2019 NBA final against the Toronto Raptors which eventually led the Warriors to a defeat. During the finals, Thompson suffered from an ACL tear in his left knee because of which he was out of the league for almost two and half years, he has not played a single game in the NBA season of 2021-22.

It is expected that Klay will return to the league in the first or second week of January as he has already started his practice with the Golden State Warriors.

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Klay Thompson earned more during his injury phase

Klay Thomson

There is an unknown fact about how much Klay Thompsons earned after his injury. According to a report by Clutch point, Klay renewed his contract with Warriors for $190 million after he was injured therefore in 2019, he earned $32,742,000 without even playing a single game for warriors. It was a lot of increment for him since he only received $19 million in the 2018-19 season, from the day Klay has joined Golden State Warriors he has earned only $78 million, while his injury phase has earned him more than $84 million.

As per Spotrac, Klay Thompson will make $37,980,720 in 2021-22, $40,600,080 in 2022-23 and $43,219,440 in the final year of his extension in 2023-24. It seems that Klay Thompson’s injury didn’t affect his worth for money and deserves all this as he is a good shooter and game-winner for the team.

Steve Kerr gets emotional after Klay Thompson returns to practice

Steve Kerr and Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson has re-joined his campaign with the Warriors and started his practice with Stephen Curry and Co. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr while talking to 95.7 The Game podcast revealed how emotional it was for them that Klay Thompson is back with them after almost two years.

Kerr said, “It was really fun. I don’t want to say it was emotional because we were in an empty gym and there wasn’t any fanfare to it. But for all of us who have been around the team for so many years and have known Steph and Klay as well as we have, it was just really cool to see them on the floor again for the first time in two and a half years. It’s crazy what he has been through, and thinking back to the Finals in 2019, when he was at the absolute peak of his powers before that injury, it’s remarkable to think about what he’s been through, how far he’s come, and we’re all just so happy that he is where he is now.”

The whole Dub nation awaits the return of Klay Thompson as it is just a treat to the eyes to watch the ‘splash-brothers’ charming the court.

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