Watch: Blake Griffin and Isaiah Stewart Fight during Nets vs Pistons Clash

Watch: Blake Griffin and Isaiah Stewart Fight during Nets vs Pistons Clash

Blake Griffin and Isaiah Stewart Fight

Blake Griffin and Isaiah Stewart fight was one of the most looked upon moments from the Nets vs Pistons most recent clash. With game being as tight and as compact as it was, Nets’ big man Blake Griffin and Pistons’ Center Isaiah Stewart were almost on the verge of throwing hands at one another, but it seemed like after the initial contact the former player decided to pull out of the action, giving more importance of his presence on the court. 


The Brooklyn Nets came out victorious in this game 96-90 against the Detroit Pistons, who seem to not be able to register a series of wins against their name in the 2021-22 season. Blake Griffin and Isaiah Stwart fight caused the referee and teammates to barge into the play, as the latter player decided to step right infront of the face of the marquee Nets’ player. 

Blake Griffin and Isaiah Stewart Fight; Referee Rush to Intervene 

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Blake Griffin

It is hard to tell who is in the wrong here, as the camera is off of them when the scuffle first ensues. But, once the camera is able to get them in the shot, it is pretty clear that for whatever reason, Stewart decided to make it hard for Griffin to get up off of the ground.  

On the surface, it seems lime Stewart is being the clear instigator, but as mentioned, that is just because we only caught the tail end of the “fight”. We will probably never know who was in the wrong, to begin with, and maybe in the end fault is put on both players and both are fined. 


Apart from the Blake Griffin and Isaiah Stewart fight incident, the Nets inched passed Pistons to register another victory against their name. Blake Griffin and James Harden both scored 13 points each for Steve Nash’s Brooklyn Nets. While the team was led by Kevin Durant with 29 points and 10 rebounds. 

Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin

On the other hand, Detroit Pistons were led by the number 1 draft pick from the 2021 class, Cade Cunningham with 17 points. Kelly Olynyk and Frank Jackson came off the bench to score a combined total of 24 points, whereas Cory Joseph added 12 points.

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