Watch: Madison Square Garden chants for Brooklyn Nets after Knicks beat Hawks

Watch: Madison Square Garden chants for Brooklyn Nets after Knicks beat Hawks

James Harden against New York Knicks

The Madison Square Garden has been waiting for 8 years to finally witness the New York Knicks to make it into the playoffs. Known to be the most electrifying stadium in the world, the Knicks’ supporters went buzzing towards as they chanted for Brooklyn Nets while their team drew the series 1-1 against Atlanta Hawks. 

Not only that the fans at Madison Square Garden took out their phones at taunted Hawks’ marquee player Trae Young during the last seconds. While the player only gestured them that he will be back for Game 3 of the series in the very stadium to answer back to all of them. 


Madison Square Garden sends chills after Brooklyn Nets chants in Knicks vs Hawks Game 2 

It would be safe to say that the Madison Square Garden looked like a madhouse more than an arena as the Knicks tied the series against the Atlanta Hawks with an incredible 101-92 win. The excitement inside automatically doubled with the Knicks’ superfan Spike Lee also jumping in celebration as they continued their pursuit of round 2. 

This wasn’t the only reason for New York to celebrate. Their other team, the Brooklyn Nets, also had their way with the Boston Celtics, taking a 2-0 lead with a blowout 130-108 victory. In fact, Knicks fans couldn’t contain their happiness and were standing outside MSG, chanting “We want Brooklyn”. It is safe to say that they were as loud outside as they were inside.

Without a doubt, Rose was the best player on the floor tonight. He is the reason the Knicks had control of the game from start to finish. And what added to this was Young sitting out for most of when the Knicks were on a 30-8 run. The Hawks had their double-digit lead stripped off of them in front of their eyes. 


Having said that, no basketball fanatic can wait to see how much crazier Knicks fans can get as the series progresses.

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