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Watch: Paul George gets booed by LA Rams fans during Cardinals game at SoFi Stadium

Get to know all the latest news from the world of NBA surrounding Clippers’ marquee Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

Paul George

Clippers’ Paul George has been a marquee for a Los Angeles team for more than couple of years now. Leading their attack game after game, the 31-years-old forward only wanted to enjoy the Wild Card of Rams vs Cardinals at SoFi Stadium, until the camera person decides to show him on the big screen. What’s worse? The Los Angeles Rams fans were quick to show their true feeling towards George as he was left perplexed nation wide.

However, Paul George wasn’t the only celebrity/athlete who was in attending the Wild Card contest of Rams vs Cardinals, yet everyone except the Clippers’ marquee got a cheer. The embarrassment led to an extent where fans decide to publicly boo George while he just planned on enjoying the game. 

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Paul George gets booed at Rams vs Cardinals showdown at SoFi Stadium

Clearly showcases how the fans in Los Angeles feel about Paul George as he got booed in the presence of teammate Kawhi Leonard.

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard

But as it seems, PG13 surely did not allow the boos get into his mind as he enjoyed the epic wild card contest alongside his mate, Leonard.

Talking about Paul George, he has been out of playing squad of LA Clippers for almost a month now due to an elbow injury. He is expected to be out of playing contention for the next 2-3 weeks more, which would surely cause concerns for Clippers fight for a top spot in the Western Conference Standings.

Paul George

That being said, by the looks of it, it seems like George’s elbow is perfectly fine and is in good spirits despite being away from the game for long. Hopefully, he can comeback soon to help his team secure a playoff berth just like last season.

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