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“We are fooling ourselves”: Donovan Mitchell reveals utmost frustration after Jazz suffer insane loss against Pistons

The Jazz marquee, Donovan Mitchell is not happy with his team's performance which landed with L against Detroit Pistons.

Donovan Mitchel

In the wake of experiencing a fierce loss in the 2021 playoffs even when they were the best team, the Utah Jazz entered this season with a colossal load of emotional baggage. With no confidence at all in their true capacity collectively, many fans had effectively thought ill them off, calling them fake competitors in the Western Conference. However, they still managed to prove themselves and came with a solid comeback till now. However, the current situation is not in favor of the team and Donovan Mitchell agrees it more than anybody.

Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell after the huge loss they suffered from the hands of the Detroit Pistons called out his squad and requested them to perform better.

Donovan Mitchell calls out his team after Jazz let go of 22-point advantage against Pistons

Donovan Mitchell

Subsequent to experiencing a humiliating misfortune to the Detroit Pistons (third loss in a row), Donovan Mitchell got down on his crew, requesting better from everybody.

“We’re fooling ourselves saying we want to win a championship, having nights like tonight”– Donovan Mitchell after the embarrassing game.

With Mitchell and star Rudy Gobert, the Jazz will forever represent a danger in the race for a title. Together, both of them give Utah Jazz the capability it needs to stay aware of other Western opponents.

Yet, the question has sneaked in for the association recently, particularly following their loss in the postseason. Also now, with the group having a very tough time, most would agree that many individuals actually need persuading in their solidarity as power if they want to move forward in the league.

However, some people still believe that the team can do a comeback in the league like Warriors coach Steve Kerr who commented on Jazz’s performance and is hopeful that they might bounce back in the league and pose a threat to other teams.

Donovan Mitchell

“I think they’re overlooked by a lot of people, just because they haven’t broken through,” Kerr said of the Jazz. “Phoenix was overlooked last year. A lot of people didn’t buy Phoenix’s success, and they went to the Finals.

“I’m a huge believer in Utah, and their ability to get stops with (Rudy) Gobert protecting the paint. Then offensively, they execute like crazy. They shoot a lot of 3’s. They put you in a lot of difficult positions.”– Steve Kerr on Utah Jazz’s performance.

With a losing streak in their hands, Utah ends up scrambling for answers and not even Donovan appears to have control of the circumstances.

Donovan Mitchell

Going ahead, it will be intriguing to perceive how the team pulls together and reacts to the most recent series of occasions. Presumably, Mitchell and Rudy Gobert will be driving the charge in making something happen.

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