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“Weak and Pathetic.”-Stephen Smith blasts Brooklynn Nets for bringing back Kyrie Irving back as part time player

Stephen Smith is in destroyer mode lashing out nets for their recent doing of bringing Irving as a part time player

Stephen A. Smith and Kyrie Irving

Brooklynn Nets have given another reason for being in the talk of the town, bringing Kyrie Irving as a part-time player. The move can easily call for negative attention and Stephen Smith is certainly not happy about it right now.


Stephen Smith lashes out Brooklynn Nets

Stephen A. Smith and Kyrie Irving

In recent talk show on ESPN, Smith when asked about Nets bringing back Irving as a part-time player. He criticised the management of Brooklynn and called out the fact that even though the team is performing really well in the eastern conference, they are still using really poor tactics to retain a player like Irving and keep him as a part-time player.

“I think it was an egregious mistake on the part of Brooklynn Nets. I think they come across as very weak and pathetic… uh in this regard because this is not a team that’s battling for the 7th or 8th slot in the NBA playoffs they are number one seed in the eastern conference right now,” said Smith.


Here is the full video of Stephen Smith talking about Kyrie Irving:

According to him, the nets have been successful this entire season without Irving with them and now suddenly they have brought in him and referred to him as a person who wants everything to be done his way.

Kyrie Irving is often criticized for the fact that he finds some excuse to not work even though he is a kind of superstar talent in the NBA. He hasn’t played any games for the nets this season because of the covid-19 protocols and has refused to take vaccine citing health reasons.

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What impact will the Nets have with Irving back in the team

Kyrie Irving

Coming back of Irving could be considered as a desperate move since the Nets have more games in the Eastern conference and want to claim the championship as well since they want to face other big teams in the conference. However, with Irving back in the team Nets would have more power which already has Kevin Durant and James Harden. This would in fact help the team go further and stay at the top in the conference and probably in the championship as well.

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