“We’re not invincible”- Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry unveils real emotions on the NBA Covid Outbreak

Stephen Curry comments on the outbreak amongst the NBA players and how it affects the team as a whole.

Stephen Curry has just cracked the all-time NBA record for the most threes with 2,974 surpassing the Hall of Famer Ray Allen earlier this week at the Madison Square Garden. But things have gotten a little tough for the Golden State Warriors.

The new gun, Jordan Poole who has been seemingly sensational in his plays for the Golden State this season had to enter NBA’s Health and Safety Protocol on Friday.

Players entering the Protocol and miss games has been a sour sight for everyone from the franchise to the fans. The COVID that is believed to have spread in the latter part of the 2019s has cursed humanity a big time. Since, then people have lost their loved ones, their jobs, homes, and their lives and the end to this is still not in sight. Just like other leagues, NBA did too.

After a shutdown season of 2020-2021, the NBA was back with a bang to go with the 2021-22 season. Preventive measures were taken and all the precautions were made a priority but still, the outbreak didn’t stop knocking on the NBA’s doors again.

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Stephen Curry on the recent Covid Outbreak amongst NBA Players

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In the post-conference after their win over the Boston Celtics, Warriors star player Stephen Curry addressed how the covid has affected the players and some lingering fears are still clutching their hearts. He said,

“Obviously I think there’s a little PTSD from everybody just in terms of, what we went through last year, the variants, and all that stuff. So, we’re trying to make sure, the research and the experts are on top of it all. I hope that we get it right, whatever that means.”

Though with the vaccinations things were thought to get different they are not. The outbreak has caught up with the current best team in the league and has infected its crucial player Jordan Poole.

Stephen Curry commented on this, “We’re not invincible. The odds are likely that you’ll be affected at some point…It’s just a matter of making the right decisions, having the right protocols in response to when it happens, and making sure we’re healthy first and foremost.” 

Getting infected or not is not in someone’s hand as this infection also spreads through the air but people can maintain utmost caution while traveling or meeting new people. As it is said, “Prevention s better than cure.”

The Golden State Warriors are leading the Western Conference with 24-5. In their previous match against the Boston Celtics, the Warriors defeated the Celtics by 111-107 registering their 24th win of this season.

Stephen Curry dropped a 30 pointer game with 5 rebounds and 4 assists, and Andrew Wiggins also registered a 27 pointer game for himself. On Saturday, the Golden State will compete with the Toronto Raptors on their road game.

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