Twitter Reacts as Young Utah Jazz Fan Imitates Jordan Clarkson’s Quirky Look

Get to know all about the latest news from the world of NBA surrounding Utah Jazz sixth man of the year Jordan Clarkson.

Utah Jazz Young Fan imitates Jordan Clarkson's look
Utah Jazz Young Fan imitates Jordan Clarkson's look

Utah Jazz marquee sixth man, Jordan Clarkson has often been in the news for his quirky look on court. However, there are many fans witnessed in NBA games who dawn the jersey of their favorite player or team in order to show their support. Similar was the instance when a young fan went ahead and re-created the iconic Jordan Clarkson including his head band while being on the side-lines. 

To those who are not aware, a recent video of a young Jazz went viral, with many people noting that he managed to pull off dressing like Jordan Clarkson quite nicely. That is certainly a great way for the fan to show his support towards the Sixth Man of the Year from the previous season. 

Jordan Clarkson poses with a young fan who imitated his on-court look perfectly 

There is no doubt that Jordan Clarkson is a fan favorite in the city of Utah and has been at his very best in the previous season to come off the bench and lead the team when players like Donovan Mitchell, Bogdanovic, Ingles and Mike Conley have been found struggling on the scoring end. 

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Jordan Clarkson

Having said that, Utah Jazz have consistently been one of the best defenses in the league over the last few years with their current core featuring Donovan Mitchell and Utah Jazz. 

However, we have not yet seen them get to the Western Conference Finals yet, let alone be in the Finals. There is a chance that they may go on a deep playoff run this year, and they’ve still been one of the better regular-season teams this year, sitting at 3rd in the Western Conference with an 11-6 record.

Take a look at how fans reacted on witnessing the young fan dawning the complete Jordan Clarkson look-

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