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“You’re playing way too f*****g fast”: Shaquille O’Neal extensively coaches Russell Westbrook from courtside

Read and know more about Shaquille O'Neal coaching Russell Westbrook at Orlando.

Shaquille O'Neal and Russell Westbrook

Shaquille O’Neal also known as “Shaq” and “DJ Diesel” and many more names is a retired National Basketball Association’s player and a legendary Hall of Famer as he is the most dominant force ever seen in the league. In his retirement Shaq has turned into a businessman, musician and a NBA analyst as he still loves to be around the game and enjoy it. He now is a successful NBA analyst for NBA on TNT (Turner Network Television) as he trends for his hot-takes and analysis on day to day basis. But out of nowhere Shaq recently was seen coaching Russell Westbrook amid the game as the moment got clipped into a video via a fan sitting right behind O’Neal at courtside.

Recently the Los Angeles Lakers had a match-up against the Orlando Magic at Amway Center. After a close contested and head to head match-up the Los Angeles Lakers finally broke their 3 games loosing streak as the team bounced back in the third quarter after replacing Dwight Howard as center with LeBron James. After multiple lead changes Lakers took the charge by the end of the third quarter and the final box score is 116-105.

“You’re playing way too f*****g fast”: Shaquille O’Neal extensively coaches Russell Westbrook from courtside 2

The Orlando Magic are currently ranked as the 15th seed in the eastern conference with the record of 8 wins and 39 losses at .170 as the team initiates a rebuild and on the other hand the Los Angeles Lakers are ranked as the 7th seed in the western conference with the record tied at 23 wins and 23 losses at .500 as the title favourites even before the season started are now having a inconsistent run and blaming their point guard Russell Westbrook and Head Coach Frank Vogel for it. While being the most criticized team in the league.

Russell Westbrook who recently joined the team this offseason as he was recruited by LeBron James and Anthony Davis has been the most criticized player in the league so far. Being the best rebounder at his height and the most dominant point guard and ball handler he still gets pointed out and targeted for his turnovers and poor shooting skills. Recently Russell Westbrook had a warm exchange with Shaquille O’Neal. As Shaq was seen giving away some piece of advice to Russell Westbrook as he enjoyed the game at Orlando.

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Shaquille O’Neal coaches Russell Westbrook amid the game

Shaquille O’Neal

Russell Westbrook played a important role in the win as he dropped 18 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists while coming up as a better supporting cast for LeBron James‘ on-going prime MVP calibre performance of 29 points. After all this a video of Russell getting a piece of advice from Shaquille O’Neal has taken over the internet as Shaq being a Laker legend himself wants it to be in good hands though he isn’t on their board or supporting cast.

In the video Shaquille is seen criticizing Russell for his illogical pace where he is running and controlling the ball a bit too fast as he quotes: “You’re playing way too f*****g fast”. There was a bit of more exchange between them but nothing can be said as the video recorded by the fan has crowd noises all over it and fans have come up with some reading and predictions for the exchange find some of those below at the end.

Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers currently have their radar turned on and in hope of improvement and more mobility they may make some major changes relating to the coaching staff and starters. As the veteran team isn’t really living up to expectations and falling short we may find many stars including Russell Westbrook shipped to different teams. But nothing really can be made or said of the rumours as the team leader who recruited the star and hand-picked him is often seen vouching Russell Westbrook as they now share a special relationship.

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