Garena Free Fire: New Dreki Pet Skins and Emotes are now available in Stores

Free Fire has introduced two new emotes and skins each of the Dreki Pet. They are now available in the in-game stores section.

Dreki Pet in Free Fire
New Emote and Skins of Dreki Pet in Free Fire

Dreki is the latest pet in the list of Free Fire Pets. Although the pet was introduced to the players in early March, it was only brought to the game recently. It was launched through a top-up event where players could avail the pet by purchasing 300 diamonds in the game.

Moreover, players also got to witness the launch of two new emotes and skins of the pet in the in-game stores. Here’s a first look at the skins and emote and the details on how to obtain them.

Dreki Pet Skin and Emote now in Stores

Dreki is the new dragon-inspired pet in Free Fire. It has an ability called ‘Dragon Glare’. This ability spots the enemies using the medkits within the 10m range. It lasts for 3 seconds. Furthermore, at the max level, its range increases up to 30 m and lasts for 5 seconds. Here are the exclusive skins and amusing emotes of the pet.

1. Skins

zapping dreki - FirstSportz
Zapping Skin
galaxy skin - FirstSportz
Galaxy Dream Skin

The Zapping Dreki and Galaxy Dreki are the two new pet skins that were added to the game. The Zapping skin comes in a lightning yellow mix which gives a special glow to the pet. On the other hand, the Galaxy skin adds a bit of essence and comes in a purple-blue fusion that gives the pet an elegant look.

These skins also come with exceptional animations as well. They can be purchased from the Stores section for just 699 diamonds.

2. Emotes

dreki emote - FirstSportz
Show Off Emote

The Showoff emote is a mind-blowing emote where the pet spits out a flaming ball just like the dragons. The next emote is where the little dragon forms a heart through flames. Players can equip these emotes only if they own the pet. Furthermore, they can be purchased from the pets section under store.

Also, an emote will cost up to 300 diamonds which means together it will cost the players a total of 600 diamonds. This was all about the new pet skins and emote in Free Fire.

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