New Parachute, Backpack, and Loot box skins in Free Fire OB27 update

Free Fire provides the players with a range of in-game cosmetics that they can purchase using diamonds. There are leaks of multiple skins that are coming soon to the game.

Parachutes, Backpack and Lootbox skin
New Parachutes, Backpack and Lootbox skin in Free Fire

Free Fire is a battle royale game, popular for its unique features in the game. Unlike other games of the genre, Free Fire includes a variety of in-game collection items like parachutes, emotes, backpacks, loot boxes, and many more. These items come with a legion of skins as well. The OB27 update is about to roll and is introducing exclusive skins for collection items. Take a look at the leaked skins of collection items in the game.

New Skins in Free Fire OB27 update: Leaked

1. Parachutes

Free Fire OB27 skin leaks

Parachutes are the prime equipment required to land onto the battlegrounds. The latest update will introduce the players to a set of new parachute skins to the game. It comes in different themes and designs. The parachute skins can be purchased either from the in-game stores or will be available in the Free and Elite passes. It costs up to 200 diamonds to purchase them from the Stores.

2. Backpack Skins

Free Fire OB27 skin leaks

The backpack skins are another bragging tool in Free Fire. The backpack skins can be viewed by the spectators as well as your allies. They come in significant and different designs for each level. Backpacks are one of the highlight items in the collection. Players wish to acquire as many skins as possible to show off in front of their friends.

The OB27 update gives players an opportunity to grab more backpack skins and improve their collections. Moreover, players who wish to purchase them can also buy some from the in-game stores.

3. Loot Box

Loot Box skins - FirstSportz
Loot Box Skins

Loot Boxes are yet another collection item that pops-up on the death of a player. The launch of Loot Box skins are bound to excite the fans. There are leaks of multiple loot box skins coming after the OB27 update. Just like any other collection item, they can also be acquired from Stores, Elite Passes, and discount events.

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