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New Skin Update In Fortnite: Kevin Couture

With so many new leaks about new skins it looks like finally Kevin Couture is about to make it's appearance in fortnite. Here we will discuss every leaks and concept art about kevin couture.

One of the biggest things that has helped vault Fortnite to the top of the gaming world has been the unique and creative skins that Epic Games has added.

The developers have created a huge line of their own characters and had plenty of crossovers with the likes of Marvel, DC Comics, the NFL, Netflix, and beyond as well.

With each new skin leak, fans get excited about what they could be getting their hands on in the future, and there hasn’t been a skin that has captured the attention like ‘Kevin Couture’ for quite some time.

Who Is “Kevin Couture” In Fortnite?

It’s said to be a dapper version of Kevin the Cube, but in skin form, and it has been the source of quite a few concept designs too. According to reliable leaker Mang0e, the skin was updated quite recently as well.

Now, with the skin being updated, some players have theorized that it means it’ll be releasing soon, and perhaps even in Season 6. Sadly, that’s unconfirmed.

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Neither Epic Games, nor any reputable leakers, have confirmed when it will arrive, and it’s solely fans believing that it will be released in the near future at this point.

Images, like the concept art below from easkateconcepts, are purely that to this point, a concept. We won’t know what the skin looks like until leakers are able to get their hands on it following a data mine.

Kevin Couture Concept art

At this point, that is everything we know about the highly-anticipated skin, and seems like excitement is only continuing to build further.

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