Super Star Event and Super Star Package in Free Fire from April 7: All you need to know

Free Fire has launched a Super Star Event which comes with a bunch of cosmetics known as Super Star Package. This is added in the Super Star spin and players can get all the items in these simple ways.

Super Star Event
Super Star Event in Free Fire: Get the Super Star Package

Free Fire has recently launched the new Super Star Event in the game. This event contains the Super Star Package and contains a lot of cosmetics to get.

This event comes directly after the Super Star Top Up event that came out due to Skyler releasing in the game. This bought in the popular Skyler character who can be purchased in the store for 499 diamonds.

The new event called Super Star Event has been released today and it contains the Super Star Package in Free Fire.

Super Star Event: Super Star Package in Free Fire

Super Star Event
Super Star Event in Free Fire

The event began on 7th April and will end on 13th April 2021. The event features a new spin that allows players to win a ton of exclusive rewards. Likewise, the spin contains 5 Grand Prizes in line with Super Star Package in Free Fire.

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The spin will start with 5 common items and after each spin a new Grand Prize will be added to the spin.

The obtained prize is removed from the spin, and cannot be obtained again.

The reward list contains:

  • Violet Terror Gun Box
  • Deadly Bat Gun Box
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Cube Fragment

The Grand Prize list contains:

  • Gloo Wall – Superstar
  • Superstar Loot Box
  • Superstar Parachute
  • Superstar Surfboard
  • Grenade – Superstar

How to get the items from Super Star Package in Free Fire?

Super Star Event
Super Star Event in Free Fire
  • First of all players need to open the Garena Free Fire app on their devices.
  • Go to the Calendar section on the right of the home page and navigate to the News section. Then click on the Super star option.
  • This opens up the spin and players can spin the wheel for the first time for free.
  • After the first time it will cost diamonds to spin the wheel.
  • Players can obtain all the grand prizes and other rewards in 10 spins.

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