Free Fire OB27 Leaks: Pickup Truck, Jeep Vehicle skins, and more

Free Fire OB27 is set to bring forth a bunch of weapons, gun skins to the game. The update will go live on 15th April 2021.

Vehicle Skins in Free Fire
New Vehicle Skins in OB27 update

Free Fire includes a range of vehicles from Bikes to Monster Trucks. Vehicles help the players to travel faster across the maps in the game. Just like any other collection items, the game also possess a plethora of vehicles skins. This skins can be to show off in front of your allies and comes in two variants- Themed and Legendary.

The OB27 update is around the corner and is likely to introduce a number of skins including weapons, vehicles in to the game. This article takes a glance at the forthcoming vehicle skins in Free Fire.

Vehicle Skins in OB27 update: Leaked

Upcoming Vehicle skins in Free Fire
Vehicle Skins in Free Fire OB27 update

Free Fire offers the players a bunch of vehicle skins. Players can obtain the skin either from the Stores Section or through some special events. Furthermore, the OB27 update is about to bring numerous car skins with unique designs to the game. As per the trends, there are chances that the skins make their debut through a top-up event.

The upcoming OB27 update will feature skins of the following vehicles:

  • Pickup Truck Skin
  • Bike Skin
  • Monster Truck
  • Sports Car Skin
Free Fire OB27 skin leaks
Vehicle Skins

The Pickup truck skins are themed and will cost slightly less when compared to the legendary skins. Players who wish to obtain the existing vehicle skins can purchase them from the in-game stores for 899 diamonds. Another alternate option is by acquiring the Elite Pass for 499 diamonds which offers various skins for almost all the vehicles.

The OB27 update will also features new characters and weapons skins into the game. The update will be live by mid-April. This was all about the leaks on upcoming vehicle skins in Free Fire.

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