“Commitment by our players”: New York Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeu reveals the success story behind their fortune

Tom Thibodeu unveils New York Knicks success story during an interview

Derrick Rose, Julius Randle and RJ Barrett

The New York Knicks have risen to the occasion this year. After a decade of being under rated, the underdog team has bounced back to defy all barriers. New York Knicks had a miserable decade until now. The new phase of New York Knicks is making their dream run come true. Last year it was Miami Heat who landed in the finals from being #5 in the playoffs and it might be the New York Knicks this time. The team has come across some severe revolution after their players making great plays. They are so close to seal their position for the playoffs being #4 in the East. Recently head coach Tom Thibodeu unveiled the things that motivated the team to deliver big time games.

Securing their latest victory against the Memphis Grizzlies, New York Knicks are on a 3 game win streak. They have lost just a single game in their last 10 matches. Their result this season is solely because of their head coach Tom Thibodeu. He is one of the most experience coach in the NBA. After his return to the team he persuaded players like Derrick Rose to re-unite with the team. New York Knicks are on verge to solidify their permanency in the playoffs and they owe a lot to their coach.

Tom Thibodeu reveals New York Knicks’ success story

The Knicks are one of the hottest side as of now in the league. In a recent interview, Tom Thibodeu revealed what helped the New York Knicks get this better. He said, “Looking at the players we had, I knew we’d have to first make a commitment to play for each other, to work hard, play smart, and to build the right habits… You can’t say enough about what Julius Randle has done. He has had an MVP-type season, just the impact on winning, his leadership. Then we have a number of other players step up… RJ Barrett having a terrific season.”

Tom added, “I saw the commitment by our players in the practice, how they were playing around. So as the ball, paint [indiscernible] cover the line. So even though the shots, the so-called experts were charting, you don’t know who is doing the charting.” New York Knicks season has been praised a lot by the analysts. More importantly bouncing from the barriers and getting attention has been their cup of team lately.

“You don’t know how quickly those closeouts are occurring. But I saw the way we were challenging shots and the way we can make up ground quickly, I saw that would be good at defensive end. We became a multiple effort team, the guys were tight together,” expressed the 63-YO. It is very plausible to see Julius Randle, RJ Barrett and Derrick Rose going on court and delivering solid performances. The mix of roster and great players has added a great balance to the side. Can the New York Knicks clinch the title after a stretched dry season?

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