Neymar Always Reliable When The Big Matches Come Around, says Tuchel


Paris Saint Germain manager Thomas Tuchel heaped praise on Neymar saying that he is always reliable when the big matches come around.

“Ney is always the key, in attack and in defence. I must really say that he is always reliable when the big matches come around” the club’s official website quoted Tuchel as saying.

Later he recalled the match which is played by his team against Borussia Dortmund on March 11, before the Coronavirus pandemic.

PSG had Ousted the Borussia Dortmund out of the Champions League by 3-2. Trucel said Neymar works hard and he is always takes responsibility in matches.

“He works hard, he’s always there, he’s very intelligent, he controls the passes. We saw that his capacities increased after the first match against Dortmund. Sadly, he was injured before that and hadn’t played before the first leg,” he said.

“But between the two legs he improved physically and his capacities were enhanced. He gave everybody the impression that he was there, that he was taking on his responsibilities. That gave everybody the right impression: to me, to the team on the pitch, and it’s great,” Tuchel added.


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