NFL: 72 football players tested positive for coronavirus

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The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) announced that 72 NFL players have tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday.

In the first announcement of the results, the NFL Association said dozens of players are positive for Covid-19. The data was revealed in a “one-stop-shop of information” for players.

The players don’t want pre-season games in August. NELPA President J.C. Tretter accused the league of prioritizing the safety of players during this pandemic situation.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the US death toll rose to 138,178.

Some prominent members of the player’s union said publicly that they won’t return until they’re convinced that everything is okay in concern with their safety.

“Every decision this year that prioritizes normalcy over innovation, custom over science or even football over health, significantly reduces our chances of completing the full season,” said Tretter, NELPA President.

“We don’t want to merely return to work and have the season shut down before we even get started,” he added.

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