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Aaron Rodgers gives an update on his Fractured toe, “Should Be 100 Percent By Next Week”

Here's what Aaron Rodgers had to say about his toe injury.

Aaron Rodgers is one of the biggest names in the NFL. Although he has given innumerable statements that have attracted criticism from fans and experts, one simply can’t deny that he is one of the finest quarterbacks of this generation.


The Green Bay Packers have done exceptionally well this season and Rodgers has played a major role in that. He has led his side from the front which is why a lot of people are in favor of giving the MVP award to this star player. However, it hasn’t been as easy as it sounds for Rodgers to consistently perform.

“Haven’t taken a painkiller in weeks”: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers had to battle through injuries throughout the season. His toe injury was a cause for concern for the Packers, however, Rodgers has managed to play through the pain. In a recent press conference, Aaron was asked about how dangerous it is to keep taking painkillers before taking the field.


In reply, Rodgers said, “I haven’t taken one (painkiller) in a number of weeks. That’s been the most encouraging thing. Used to get a standard shot in the toe, very painful, numbing agents basically. That helped me get through the games. The whole goal was to be able to not have to do that, and have played a few games without it.”

Talking about how the toe is now, Rodgers said, “I felt pretty good at practice today. Close to 100%, I think I should be 100% probably by next week.” Undoubtedly, Rodgers is going to be the key player going ahead into the playoffs for the Packers. If he is 100% fit and ready to go, the Packers will feel confident about attaining the ultimate glory this time.

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