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“Get Your A** Back In”: Aaron Rodgers remembers the time when coach Jeff Tedford made him play despite a broken finger

In the recent edition of the Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers talked about the time when coach Jeff Tedford made him play even when he had a finger injury.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a name to reckon with in the world of the NFL. The Green Bay Packers have dominated the proceedings in most games this season and Rodgers has played a huge role in that even after getting involved in a number of controversies.

His commentary on vaccines and covid treatment earned him a lot of backlashes but thankfully, it didn’t affect his performance. Rodgers has got the numbers to boast about and he would be looking to guide his side to the ultimate glory this time around.

Talking about the upcoming Divisional Round playoff matchup against the 49ers, Rodgers made a few points on the recent edition of the Pat McAfee Show. When he was asked how tough it gets when any part of the throwing hand gets injured, Rodgers quoted a similar experience from his early playing days.

Aaron Rodgers remembers the time when he continued to play despite fracturing his finger

Aaron Rodgers

I broke my finger, my index finger in the first start of my career, at Illinois in the second quarter. We were running Seven-50 Gator and I came up to throw the backside post, and my right tackle, who was about 6-7, and I threw it and hit my hand on his helmet, broke my finger,” Rodgers said.

He claimed that he came to the sideline and told his Coach Tedford about what had transpired to which the coach replied, “I don’t give a sh*t, you’re not coming out.” Rodgers claimed that the coach asked him to get back into the game and after the contest was done, he was incredibly supportive.

And the next week he was great, and that’s what I love about Coach because he could always inspire me in the best ways. He said, ‘OK, look, you might have a broken finger, you can miss one day of practice, and then if you don’t practice the rest of the week, you’re not playing,” Aaron stated.

So here I am with a fingertip fracture of my index finger, and I got to sit out, I think, Monday, and then Tuesday I was right back out there practicing. Because that’s what we do. It difficult made it difficult at times to throw it,” he further added.

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