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Aaron Rodgers Stuns Hollywood With John Wick’s Costume For Halloween

Aaron Rodgers successfully pulled off that iconic scene from 'John Wick - chapter 3' for his Halloween showdown.

Seeing your favourite NFL stars donning spooky costumes for Halloween gives you a different sense of thrill and Aaron Rodgers took it a notch higher by striking the perfect chord of Hollywood as he chose to resemble the protagonist of one of the most celebrated movies of Keanu Reeves, John Wick. Honestly, if you believe that this was a scion of spontaneity, you are so wrong.

Rodgers also enacted the New York taxi scene from “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” where Wick tells his pet companion, “You’re a good dog” before rushing off to fight the baddies. Now coming to the part where this was a preplanned move, Rodgers was heard saying that he started prepping for the shoot months ago as the first step to becoming Wick was growing his hair. Ring a bell?

The long build-up to Aaron Rodgers’ captivating John Wick masquerade

Aaron Rodgers

On the Pat McAfee show, he was heard quoting in September that he was dressing for Halloween as one of his favourite heroes who had longish hair. Earlier in this year, he dropped another cue to his Halloween costume as he tweeted with a hashtag that quoted “longhairlikekeanu”. Finally, all these hints and intense anticipations culminated into this wondrous Instagram post where Aaron Rodgers just dropped another knock-out assurance to the John Wick franchise that there is always a backup should Reeves choose to drop in the offing.

Aaron Rodgers

Now the obvious question is will Rodgers be parting with his hair since his purpose is served? Most likely not because you all will be accustomed to what sports superstition is and ever since the first defeat of the season for the Packers, they have turned the table magically around and unless it is an absolute necessity, it is quite unthinkable that the MVP for the Packers will tinker around with the looks that have witnessed Packers sailing hammer and tongs so far.

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