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“My son is 10 times the quarterback Aaron Rodgers is”: When an angry mother ripped apart Rodgers’ coach for favoring him in college team

Aaron Rodgers' old coach had to face a lot of flak for starting him ahead of an experienced player.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a name to reckon with in the world of the NFL. He has been nothing short of magnificent through the years for the Packers and he continues to lead them by example. The man has always found himself in the news for a number of reasons.

Recently, some of the things Rodgers has said have done more harm than good to his reputation. His ‘expert analysis’ on vaccines has almost forced innumerable people to troll and reprimand him, and who can forget his famous vaccine lie which triggered widespread criticism.

All things said, one just can’t deny the fact that Rodgers is indeed a fantastic quarterback. His numbers, through seasons, are enough to establish that he will always be counted as one of the greats. However, Rodgers in his early college days thought of quitting football.

When Rodgers decided to quit football entirely

Aaron Rodgers

Butte Community College’s head coach Craig Rigsbee somehow managed to convince Rodgers to play for the Roadrunners. “Aaron’s mom said, ‘No son of mine is going to junior college,‘” Rigsbee told ESPN. “I said, ‘Look, our general ed classes are the same as they are anywhere, whether you’re at Stanford, Cal or Harvard. The War of 1812 doesn’t change just because you’re at Butte College. Those classes will transfer anywhere in the world. Your degree isn’t going to say Butte College,‘” Rigsbee had said.

Rigsbee had seen the potential Rodgers had, so evidently, he had named him the starter without wasting much time. However, Rodgers starting meant that a senior who had been with the program for as many as three seasons was forced to sit out.

That other guy was a really good player, but he ended up quitting, and his mom wrote me the most scathing letter,” Rigsbee told ESPN. “She said, ‘Coach, you’re an offensive lineman, you don’t know sh*t about quarterbacks. My son is 10 times the quarterback Aaron Rodgers is, he’ll never do sh*t. You wait and see.'”

Rodgers has been magnificent this season. He needs to continue his run of form in the playoffs as well if the Packers want to attain the ultimate glory.

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