Austin Corbett reflects back on his journey from being cast off by the Browns to playing the Super Bowl for the Rams

Rams OL Austin Corbett talks about his journey from the Cleveland Browns to the Los Angeles Rams

Austin Corbett
Austin Corbett

The Super Bowl 56 is upon us as the Los Angeles Rams prepare themselves to face a tough test against the Cincinnati Bengals led by Joe Burrow at the SoFi Stadium on Sunday.

This journey of the players on both the teams has been nothing less than a motivational story as players like Odell Beckham Jr., Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp, and Jalen Ramsey have been stars of this game for a long time and they just want to get their hands on that Lombardi Trophy to their resume which will cement their legacies as one of the all-time greats of this era.

While on the other hand, the young upcoming Superstars like Joe Burrow and JaMarr Chase have a chance to write their names in the history books in just their 2nd and 1st season (respectively) in their career.

One underrated story of this run by the Rams has been of their OL Austin Corbett who barely got a chance to play at the Browns but since he got traded to the Rams he has transformed himself as one of their important players in that offensive line which protects Matthew Stafford.

“I had a lot of time to kind of reflect on the flight out”- Austin Corbett on getting traded from the Browns to the Rams 

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Austin Corbett

Austin Corbett told about his journey from being left out by the Browns to being a full-time regular starter for the Los Angeles Rams who have a star-studded roster on both fronts of the team.

He said, “I had a lot of time to kind of reflect on the flight out,” Corbett said Thursday. “Just, ‘what did I do wrong while in Cleveland?’ Just trying to look inside, ‘how could I have done better? This is my fault.’ Then quickly shifted into that mindset of, I have this new opportunity to go and make the best of it.”

Austin Corbett has had a pillar to lean on in left tackle Andrew Whitworth, He said “Just the amount of knowledge he can outpour in a 30-second ramble of film, there’s just so much knowledge that he can put into this.”

He said, “The rest of the offensive line has done the same thing, but when you’re playing with a guy that’s 40 now, it’s truly something special that you have to take advantage of every single day.”

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The Los Angeles Rams will be looking forward to getting the job done against the Cincinnati Bengals as they enter this match as the heavy favorites because of the quality and experience that their roster has and multiple stars from their team have a point to prove to their doubters and winning the Super Bowl will legitimately cement their legacy.

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