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“Baker Mayfield would light up New York City” Skip Bayless claims the Giants would be the perfect landing spot for Mayfield

Baker Mayfield essentially has his bags packed and is ready to leave Cleveland now. Skip Bayless believes the Giants should be the ones to chase after him this offseason.

With Deshaun Watson being traded for by the Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield is all but certainly done with Cleveland. It seems that he will very likely be traded soon and Skip Bayless believes he knows where would be the most beneficial.

When Baker Mayfield was drafted with the #1 overall pick in 2018, he was thought to be the solution to the Browns’ lengthy quarterback problems. And to be fair, he somewhat was. After all, it was Mayfield at the helm when the Browns broke their losing streak, had an 11 win season and made the playoffs, and also delivered the franchise’s first playoff win in 26 years.

"Baker Mayfield would light up New York City" Skip Bayless claims the Giants would be the perfect landing spot for Mayfield 2

Along with those accolades, Mayfield has thrown for 92 touchdowns in his 4 seasons with the Browns but also has thrown 56 interceptions. He has shown unbelievable ability at times but at the same time, he has also been inconsistent and 2021 was exactly that. There is the argument that Mayfield was injured and that is true, but even before the injury, he was showing inaccuracy.

The Browns certainly ran out of patience with Mayfield as they made the blockbuster trade to get Deshaun Watson and have him be the future of the franchise. With that in mind, Baker Mayfield is done in Cleveland and Skip Bayless thinks he can succeed in New York.

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Skip Bayless believes the Giants would be the best place for Baker Mayfield to succeed

Baker Mayfield

In a segment of Fox Sports’ ‘Undisputed’, Skip Bayless was quoted saying “You can’t win without a quarterback and all I saw this kid(Baker Mayfield) do when he finally got a shot as a rookie, he had 40 big-time throws, that ranked 3rd in the NFL and he only started 13 games. When he got on a roll, he took off! He went and won Cleveland’s first playoff game in 26 years against their arch-rivals in Pittsburgh.”

Bayless further added “He can do it in the pocket, outside of the pocket, when he’s healthy! He got rocked in game 2 this season. Tearing his labrum caused him to lose his velocity and accuracy. Once he gets rolling he will roll. Once he takes over a team, with that chip on his shoulder, it will work.”

About where Mayfield should play, Bayless said “I’ll start with the New York Football Giants. Baker Mayfield or Daniel Jones? Baker would light up New York City. Just give it to him, let’s go! He would eat it up with that team.”

There have been rumors that the Browns wouldn’t mind dealing Mayfield for a late round pick and the Giants have an extra 5th rounder that could be dealt. Whether or not they are ready to give up on the Daniel Jones project is a different story however but it’s something to think about.

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