“This confirms he’s ousted”: Browns sign former Steelers quarterback amid Baker Mayfield drama

The Cleveland Browns have added another quarterback to their roster as a backup for Deshaun Watson

Josh Dobbs and Baker Mayfield
Josh Dobbs and Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns were expected to make some changes after having a disastrous 2021 season and one man who particularly had terrible outings one after the other was Baker Mayfield. It was evident that the ax is going to fall on him as soon as the season ends which is exactly what happened.

Browns first approached Deshaun Watson but couldn’t finalize a deal. Baker felt unwanted at the Browns and demanded a trade anyway. Post that, Watson changed his mind and agreed to join the Browns after getting a record-breaking deal. As far as Mayfield is concerned, his future in the league is still unclear.

Cleveland Browns stacking up QBs in order to prepare for the worst, Baker Mayfield not part of the plans

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson and Josh Dobbs

Many opined that although Baker was terrible last season, the Browns should have treated him better. What comes as another move showing that the franchise is absolutely done with Mayfield, the Browns have signed another quarterback as a backup for Watson.

As reported by Ian Rapoport, the Browns have signed former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Josh Dobbs. As per Mike McCarthy, Dobbs has been given a one-year deal by the franchise.

The Browns were over the moon when they roped in Deshaun after offering him a blockbuster deal, however, it is true that Deshaun’s future in the league still hangs in the balance as the sexual harassment case against him is still going on which might lead to his suspension from the league for God knows how long.

In that case, the Browns will be left high and dry which is why they are stacking up QBs in their unit. It will be interesting to where Baker finally ends up after all the drama.

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