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“He deserves a fair chance”: Bruce Arians says he ensured Todd Bowles gets the best possible team to have a genuine crack at the title

Here's what Bruce Arians said about Todd Bowles after retirement

Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians

What on offseason this is turning out to be. Lots and lots of top stars getting transferred, record-breaking contracts being offered to players still battling against sexual harassment allegations, top stars coming out of retirement, and a lot more. However, especially what has happened in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ camp over the past few weeks has left innumerable NFL fans scratching their heads.

First, Tom Brady announced that he is ready to make a comeback, just a few weeks after he called it quits. The Bucs were ecstatic as their star QB decided to take the field yet again. However, there were a few speculations about Brady’s possible rift with head coach Bruce Arians, everyone in the Bucs, including Arians, denied all such claims.

“I want the best for Bowles”: Bruce Arians

Bruce Arians

Now, when everything was finally starting to look perfectly fine, Arians abruptly decided to give up the position of the Bucs’ head coach. “I have spent most of the last 50 years of my life on the sidelines as a football coach in one form or another,” Arians said in his statement released by the team. Arians has been replaced by Todd Bowles.

A lot of fans and experts lashed out at Tom Brady for pushing Arians to retire. However, as reported by CBS, Arians claimed that he has decided to retire when the team is shaping up nicely as he wanted to make sure Bowles gets a fair chance at the title.

I wanted to ensure when I walked away that Todd Bowles would have the best opportunity to succeed,” Arians said in a statement Wednesday night. “So many head coaches come into situations where they are set up for failure, and I didn’t want that for Todd,” he added.

Indeed, innumerable times we have seen coaches leaving their teams when the side is in complete shambles. Obviously, rebuilding a team from scratch and figuring everything out is not an easy job for a new coach. Ensuring that Todd doesn’t find himself in such a position, Arians stated that he decided to step down when everything is in order.

After Brian Flores‘ lawsuit, there has been a lot of talk about black coaches not getting ample opportunities. At such a time, the move by the Bucs to appoint Bowels is definitely going to add a lot of positives to their image as an inclusive unit.

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